Gender: Male
Born: 21,598 GST
Died: 21,706 GST

Lessos Galvin was pronounced the first king of Hollowstar in 21,636 GST, right after the creation of Hollowstar proper. At his death, Hollowstar divided into three parts, each ruled by a separate king. Algen Galvin, son of Lessos Galvin, developed into the mightiest of those kings due to the technology he inherited from his father.


  • Building a glowing force field around Hollowstar proper, causing the world to appear to be a star
  • Developing the thermal shields for himself and Algen Galvin, who used them to great effect in minor skirmishes
  • Raising the average lifetime of the people of Hollowstar from 40 years to 160 years by means of both of the above technologies
  • Creating the worlds Miran and Pixie Star using technology developed during the space journey of the lesser ancestors
  • Beginning Hollowstar's research into biology and species design