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Dearest Serenity,

I have, at last, arrived on the surface of our ancient home, Crystaldeep. The journey there was rather unpleasant as you may have heard. Certain component complications with the pyramid sent me into the ether for over three months. By the time I gathered myself, I overshot my destination by millions of MDU.

It is, indeed, a different place than it once was. Our cousins, the Kelosians, are very different creatures than us. They have hair on their bodies and a studier stature, very close to their ancestors, however, far more evolved then you would think. They are more like us than the animal we remember.

They call their planet “Furma” which seems to be some sort of linguistic reference to their notion of matter. I suppose the equivalent in our world would be “Element”. This is certainly symbolic of what they have become. Early in their evolution they must have discarded the Natural and with it, all of the symbols along with a home planet.

The Kelosians are highly evolved for their time. The Helics would call them a Type C society, because they’ve already managed to visit Category:Anul (which they simply call “the moon”). Even still, I am relieved you sent me here, because if what you believe is true, there is no possibility that they can withstand an invasion by the Arrq civilization. If, indeed, that is what is in their future, it will mean the complete annihilation of our cousins and consequently a world we once called home.

There is no doubt the Arrqs are on the planet, investigating their target with great anonymity. I am also certain they have created relations with various Crystaldeep governments. The Kelosians stand divided amongst each other and are many generations from consolidating their efforts. Even if one group of them knew of their danger, they wouldn’t tell the rest.

I will make it my mission, if you accept, to inquire about the Arrqs with Kelosian governments. I shall be reporting to you after I analyze my findings.

From my heart to my soul, I give my life to you

Signed, Malix Arazura Knight of the Order of the Spheres Emissary of the Highlord System The Fifth Cycle of the Third Season of the 125th Raven