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General Information
Constructed 234,004 BKR
Destroyed {{{Destroyed}}}
Builder Crelinic Colonists
Location Information
Planet Aqualis
Continent Sor
State {{{State}}}
Climate Semi-Tropical
Points of Interest
  • Chambers of the Republic
  • Pillars of Peace
  • Landing Site
  • Walk of Memory
Societal Information
Population 2 Billion
Affiliation Aqualis Flag Aqualis

The city of Lita is the largest city of the northern hemisphere of Aqualis as well as the capital city of the Sor District of the Republic of the Serenity of Aqualis. Lita is located on the island that the original Crelinic colonization ship Destiny landed on in 234,004 BKR. The official metropolis of Lita is a series of islands that surround the original island that carries the name Lita. Currently, the city is one of the more prosperous cities in the Core Worlds and the metropolis of Lita is made of around five smaller cities on the surrounding islands.



Lita was founded immediately after the landing of the Crelinic colonists as their new society on Aqualis. The name Lita comes from the ancient Crelinic word for water, which Aqualis is largely covered with.