Luminous Water is an alchemical brew crafted on the planet Xodus of the Jaezath System, among other planets. There are two ways to make it. This article may refer to the sole use of bioluminescent chemicals or the combination of such with distilled water.


On Xodus, where there is no water, the only way Luminous Water is brewed is through the traditional method. Chemicals are combined to create the glow. The luminous water created from such emits a glow of around 440 to 479 nanometers, although the artificially produced chemical version produces such on the higher end of that spectrum. Luminous water, on Xodus, is primarily crafted by male clergymembers and is relatively easy to make. This method, on Xodus, is called Luminous Brew.

Natural bioluminescents may also be combined with distilled water- which, unfortunately, is not found on Xodus. This method has brighter light but does not stay illuminated for an indefinite period of time. Bioluminescents (such as glow worms, some sea floor creatures and more) are living and thus will not stay illuminated forever. As a result, thi9s preparation of Luminous Water is rarely used. 

Cultural Views[]

It is believed in Xodus culture that Luminous Water will only glow in natural darkness. As a result, it is used to condemn the illegal practicers of magic that may be creating artificial darkness. It is often viewed as a scientific proof of the existence of gods, and is an important part of Lenamism (a religion on Xodus).


  • Chemically crafted Luminous Water (Luminous Brew) must be sealed in a special type of container or else will "eat" its way through. 
  • Luminous Brew still doesn't constantly glow-- for every ten hours that it is used, it must be heated five minutes to "recharge" its glow.
  • Luminous Water, if dilluted or spilled, will cease to shine after ten minutes