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Common Attribution: Luxani

Categorical Attribution: Luxani

Evolutionary Star System: Ghürg System

Star Systems of Prominence: Ghürg System

Population Data: 14 billion

Civilization Class: Type D: Terrestrial Society

The Luxani are a race of sentient beings composed of light and various gases that come from their planet and their sun. Their home planet is Foz Foris in the Ghürg System and is the third planet from the system's sun. The Luxani are a peaceful and curious race with several biological quirks which became the reason of their alliance with the stocky and mechanically adept Xodastians, another race of beings on Foz Foris.


Height: 3.093676535 MDU (in circumference) I'm not sure if MDU is the correct form of measurement for height/circumference; need help.

Weight: 2.5 SMU

Lifespan: 83 GY


Luxani are spherical in shape and their colors are either a bluish-white or a yellowish-white. They are asexual and reproduce by splitting themselves apart with a considerable amount of will and force. However, such a process is quite exhausting and risky, especially for young Luxani, and there are documented cases of Luxani dying in the process, either before or after the new Luxani was produced. Though the Luxani are made of gas and light particles, they are able to manipulate objects with a certain amount of weight by creating hard-light pseudopods from their own bodies. Luxani bodies are quite warm—normal temperature for a Luxani being 1674.3 STE. This is because their bodies output bursts of energy that naturally warm them and give off light in their surroundings. Luxani charge and energize their bodies by feeding off the gases and electromagnetic energy given off by their planet and the nearby sun, making them very active during the day. However, stations that collect the necessary elements for Luxani survival are in place for use should any Luxani activity occur during the night.


Luxani are a curious race and seek to grow in their lives through discovery, the most common being by traveling or entering a scholarly life. They are known for their open minds and inquisitive conversations.

Luxani are empathic by nature, sharing the feelings of their fellow Luxani from the moment they are born or "lit". Strong empathic bonds between certain Luxani can grow to the point where the Luxani in question live together in familial-like groups and share lives together.


The Luxani came into being a few score Galactic Years after the creation of their planet, Foz Foris. It is speculated that the first Luxani came into being when a solar wave of energy from Ghürg pulsed through the solar system and mixed with the gases in the air. These clumps of light and gas held together and fell to the surface of Foz Foris and realized that they were now sentient beings. They soon came to realize that their gaseous forms did not allow them to manipulate objects very well and sought ways to rectify this situation.