Ma'Palan Space
General Information
Interstellar Launch Code MPS
Founded 1870 AKR
Hubs Wyndryll InterStellar Spaceport

Galactic Center Spaceport

Regional Hubs Anglundias Spaceport

Jici Spaceport

Company Information
Fleet Size 210
Type(s) of Craft DSC-818i


Destinations 184
Parent Company N/A
Headquarters Cosseli,Ma'Paler
Key People
  • Syl Char - CEO
  • Ricia Doni - President
  • Arol Ee - Lead Designer
Average Number of Launches 88,000

Ma'Palan Space is a spaceline that serves the vast majority of the Galaxy. Ma'Palan space operates largely from the Wyndryll InterStellar Spaceport.