Magnesi Language


The Magnesi are formed entirely of charged particles and magnetic fields. As such, they have no organs to hear or create sound. Instead, the developed a system of communication that fit their unusual bodies. The Magnesi particle Code is a system of firing set patterns of charged particles to communicate with other Magnesi. Although it often comes as a shock to other races, a Magnese sends particle codes as easily as a Kelosian talks.

The System[]

A "word" in Magnese consists of several groups of positive and negative particles emitted at various heights. The largest group is always emitted from halfway up the magnese's body, or .5. Other groups may be emitted at various heights to add meaning to the word. For example, the grouping ".5+-+" means approximately "nearby object in outer space"; a "+" released at a height of .7 or .8 refers specifically to one of Quord's two suns. The notation is how scientists will write the language when they finally figure out that it means something. Little research has been done on the Quord system, so it will be a long time.

Due to their tendency to spin in transit, no grouping in the Magnesi language can be transformed into another grouping with a different meaning merely by flipping or rotating it. Because of the need to balance the magnetic charges, each grouping consists of a central alternating chain of positive and negative charges, and possibly some additional particles hanging on to the edges. Word meaning is derived from chain length, the charges of the particles on the end, and the positions of any additional particles. If the charges of the end particles are different, the grouping is oriented based on them; if they are the same, it is oriented based on the outermost hanging particles. A symmetric grouping need not be oriented.


Main Grouping Meaning Additional Groupings
+- Greeting
  • .6-: Friendy
  • .4-: Unfriendly
  • .4+/.3-/.2+: War Cry
  • .4+: Go away
  • .4+/.3+: Go away (threatening)
+-+ Object outside of planet
  • .9+: Object outside of system
  • .9+-: Object that was once here but is now gone
  • .9+/.8-: Object that was once gone but is now here
  • .8-: Quord (Star)
  • .7-: Quord-2
  • .4+: Quord Belt
+-(+)+ Worldworm
  • .8+: Nearby
  • .6+: Act of eating a Magnese
  • .6+/.4+: To feed enemy to
  • .6+/.3-: Ate a friend
  • .6-: Harmless
  • .8-: Distant
  • .4-: To grind magnetite off of
  • .4+-: To grind magnetite off of and feed enemy to
  • .2-: Past tense
  • .8-/.6-/.4-/.2-: Was destroyed
-+-+- Magnese
  • .6+/.4+: Enemy
  • .6-/.4-: Friend
  • .7+-: Nearby ("Him")
  • .7-: Dead