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Masaren Empire
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Civilization Class Type B: Interstellar Society
Government Type Feudal Teocracy
Chief of State Nhas Azhen Dofh, The Voice Of Ehcal, leader of the church eldest council.
Capital City The nation has no unitary capital, The church/temple city of Eshvar acts as the defacto seat of government.
Size 8 star systems (12 planets)
Formation None
Alliances None
Population 18.7 million Masaren

25 billion other sentients

Largest City Elish Rath
Official Language Eshran dialect of the Masaren language as the dominant spoken
Anthem None
Currency Eshran Credits
Measurement System Narsaren Standard System
Primary Imports Various
Primary Exports Various


Common Attribution: Masaren

Categorical Attribution: Lucertolae Fulmini Sapiens

Evolutionary Star System: Eshran

Evolutionary Planet: Eshran II

Star Systems of Prominence: Eshran, Maxavis, Aldius

Population Data: 18.7 Million

Civilization Class: B

Physiology Analysis[]


Masaren are sentient bipedal esothermal lithivore and carnivorous reptilians, native to Eshran II in the Eshran System. Masarens possess an external vertical symmetrical anatomy, but not an internal one. Due to the high gravity level of their homeworld they possess powerful muscles and a dense mass, their bodies are covered in scales that contain a high percentage of iron and other metallic elements, with the coloration ranging from dark blue to dark green, depending on the predominant metallic component. Masaren have clawed hands and feet, powerful fangs capable of cutting soft metal and a strong, but not prehensile, tail used for balancing. Masaern reproduce sexually during specific mating seasons, the eggs are fertilized within the female body then delivered after roughly one week of gestation, due to some yet unexplained by their scientists, reason most of the eggs never hatch, severely limiting their population growth.

Masaren physiology is designed to conduct and eventually retain electricity, within some dedicated bone structure in their chest, tail and head, their bodies are resilient to electrolution and heat. They naturally attract lightning bolts and they experience a powerful pleasant sensation when directly hit. The retained energy is used to "ignite their blood" allowing for greater feats of strength and reflexes than usual and to fuel their sensorial apparatus (see below).

Physical Characteristics[]

Masaren males and females possess roughly the same body mass and height, standing tall they measure a little over 3.5 m. with their tail usually equal to one third of their height. Masaren weight ranges from 350 to 400 kg, mostly represented by muscle mass, dense bones and scales.

The specie possess limited regeneration abilities and are capable of regrowing a lost tail or even arm given enough time, they have a super fast coagulation that reduce blood loss, are naturally resilent to diseases and ages at a relative slow rate, granting them a lifespan of roughly three millennia.

Masaren scales generate a bioelectric field that surrounds their bodies like a second skin and directly interacts with their nervous system, this effect is usually invisible, unless they are using it to channel a high level of electicity or if they are in contact with some conductor or another Masaren, in these cases it manifests as a few bluish sparks.

Sensory Organs[]

Visual: Masaren possess a couple of frontal eyes, buried a little deep within the skull, limiting their peripheral vision. They are yellow eyed, have no iris and a verically cut pupil. They have a double set of eyelid and are capable to resist to intense flashes of light without being blinded, they have a three dimensional vision but their sight quality is limited.

Tactile: Masaren tactile perception is dulled due to the dense scaled armor, despite their flexibility, their whole body structure is designed to reisit and conduct heat and they are barely capable of sensing even intense heat. However they can feel cold at low temperatures and it causes an extremely unpleasant sensation while not charged with electricity.

Olfactory: The Masaren have a very developed olfactory system supported by receptors on their tongue.          .

Taste: Masaren sense of taste is quite developped for their lithivore nature, in confront of common mammal of their world however they almost lack it.

Hearing: Masaren ears are not external, however they posees crested structure on their head that allow them to increase their efficiency and grant a good range and effectivness to this sense.

Electroperception: Masaren are constantly surrounded by a bioelectric field, generated by a combination of microvibration within their scales and the retained electricity absorbed from lightning and later from artificial sources, this field directly interacts with their nervous system and acts as a second skin. Masaren brain can interpret magnetic and electric readings from this field at a high level of precision, granting them an effective sixth sense that they used to track their prey on their homeworld. They have a high, but instinctive, level of control on the intensity of the field and can also use it as a form of silent communication (limited to impressions and emotions) to their own kind. Those fields naturally adapt and merge with the ones of other Masaren, especially after a physical contact. They also produce a pleasant sensation when the Masaren is near an individual they are accustomed to feel. With intense training and while charged with high level of energy Masaren can extend this field up to a few meters of their bodies, severely expanding the range of their perception, but occasionally risking a sensorial overload.

Reproductive Analysis[]

As mentioned in the overview section, Masaren are an oviporous species, laying batch of eggs only if fertilisation has occurred during a short mating season. Mating increase the Masaren electrical emission, reducing their control over it, causing small lightnings and an immense pleasure, Masaren mate for enjoyment many times a year even while the females are not experiencing a mating season. Masaren communities watch over the eggs, however only a few finally hatch and even if Masaren lifespan is measured in millennia a couple rarely have more than two or three offspring. Apparently some rare chemical and electrical process is required to complete the growth of the fetuses within the eggs, the Masaren have being unsuccessful in discovering a way to improve the efficiency of the process. This fact, combined with the long life span and low level of mutation make the Masaren evolution almost static.

Evolutionary Analysis[]

Masaren evolutionary history is not well known, mostly due to a strict religious ban, some of their scientists speculate that they orgininated from a specie of small lizards native of their homeworld, capable of generating static electricity, while other prefer to trace their ancestor into a specie of large predatorial bipedal lizards that possess many similarties in the brain, tail and scale structure.

However no direct evolutionary ancestor has been identified yet.

Masaren rogue geneticists have identified the presence of tampering with their genetic code due to some external influence. The mainstream religion clamis that such alterations were caused by the action of their God, Eshcal, considered the father of the Masaren race.

Biological Analysis[]

Masaren are oxygen metabolizing creatures. Their bodies have a high concentration of metallic elements, forcing them, especially in a young age to support their diet of meat with minerally rich ores, their children used to chew metallic substances during their growth and find the taste quite pleasant. Masaren metabolism is not designed to process plants, this, combined with the high amount of minerals present within Eshran native species has turned them into carnivorous predators.

Their brain while highly developped has a large section of their reptilian portion and Masaren are still subjected to powerful instinctive and irrational urges. For example, they hate being in enclosed areas, feeling extremely uncomfortable and growing nervous without the disturbances caused by the wind, they are territorial and aggressive, requiring many way to socially discharge their violent tendencies now that they are no more required for survival.

A peculiar section of the brain is dedicated to their electroperception and is capabale of reading the signals produced by such fields and even manipulate it. Trought intense training Masaren are even capable of producing electrical discharges or generate magnetic fields by altering the intensity of their bioelectrical emission, a thing that supported their claim of divine ancestry during the fundation of the first Empire.

Masaren can produce a small amount of electricity in their body, but requires external input to maintain their Electrosense field, if kept away from a reliable source of power they loose this ability, extremely weakening their perceptions and causing them a painful and terrifying sense of disconfort. While Masaren can survive in hot climate without recharging, but their mind gradually erode due to the loss of sensory inputs and they tend to revert to savage and quite desperate predators.

Ecological Analysis[]

Masaren are predatorial and mostly uncaring of the local wildlife of planets different from their own, their religion however, push them to preserve the environment of Eshran at all costs, integrating the architecture of their cities with the overgrowing vegetation. Due to their passion for hunting they have almost caused the extinction of a few large reptilian species on their homeworld, however these beings have been restored trough clonation and still lives within the massive hunting reserves of their Elitè. When they found interesting species to hunt on foreign world they tend to reconstruct their environment withhin large reserve and they become prized possession of the nobles, a part from these lucky creatures and the ones required to reconstruct their ecosystems every other specie is annihilated during the Eshraforming process of a planet.

Sociological Analysis[]

Masaren are social predators, however they form close relation only with a small number of individuals, the ones they are capable to attune their electrosense with, and have a strong territorial nature. During their prehistoric time a they was organized in small packs of hunters, each controlling a large territory, when the number increased too much a small amount of them seceded and went searching for another territory. During this phase of their evolution the population growth rate was higher allowing them to spread out on their homeworld surface. Packs lives together most of the time, sharpening their abilities to hunt and work together, with millennia to perfect this art, they mate, usually for life, within the same pack. Males and females have equal rights and roles and packmasters existed of every gender. The rank of adult was gained after an initiation ceremony, that usually included ritual hunt of some dangerous beast, until that time the children was pretty much considered servants by their packs, even if well protected ones. Masaren possessed many violent rituals, however none concludes with death, with such a low number preservation of life has always been a priority among their kind.

Sociologically they have not evolved much from their prehistoric times, they still form small communities, integrated at the top of lesser race's power structures, they still cultivate strong blood bonds and maintain the hunt related ritualism.

Hunting is still common throughout the empire, used as a way to discharge the natural aggressivity of the race and even the most powerful rulers tend to abandon the comfort of their dominions for months because of the pleasure of hunting. Even packs formed of millennia old beings still enjoy such activities and they are considered social occasion to keep in touch with individuals spreaded on their muti-planetary domain. Whilst hunting they prefer to bring with them only their scales and wits, not relying on modern weaponry or protection.

Masaren were, and still are, united under a single religion from the beginning of their civilization and, despite their advanced science, they are still fervent believers, the church imposes many bans on scientific research, but at the same time promote technological advances in specific fields.

Political Analysis[]

Masaren are organized as a quite loose federation, an empire but only by name, of Dominions, each ruled by a single overlord, supported by a few packs bound by personal loyalty, with a feudal power structure that divides single dominions into smaller "hunting grounds". Each dominion usually is populated only by a few hundred Masaren and by hundred of thousand or even milion of lesser species. Masaren was once worshiphed as gods by the other sentient species of their planet a thing that they still enforce, supporting it by altering the genetic traits of their followers and by using powerful mental imprints at their birth. An Overlord is the supreme ruler of the dominion, wield right over the life of its inhabitants the "Right of the Hunt" and is considered, at least in name, the owner of everything in his or her territory, with the packmasters serving as administrators. Most of the administrative functions however hare handled by advisors and servants, with the overlord deciding only about "national" matters, military and foreign politics.

When the Masaren population within a dominion is too high usually the overlord fund the attempt of the most promising packmaster(s) in creating their own dominions on some unclaimed territory, even on a foreign planet if necessary, in order to claim a new politicall ally and reduce the social pressure caused by competing Masaren in their own land.

Usually the overlords of neighboring dominions are somehow related due to blood or support in establishing the power structure of the land. Masaren lives for millennia and they never forget the aid received or the offenses caused, resulting in strong alliances and even stronger hates among the various nations.

When a treath or opportunity emerge that excede the ability of a single overlord to handle the regional leaders usually team up, granting extraordinary power to one of them, following a complex social protocol. Empire level operation are usually under control of the Triumvir of Overseers, formed by the three most powerful overlords and cohordinated by the Church of Eshcal, the largest organization in the Masaren space and the key provider of new technology. Research is active also at dominion scale, but its inferior resources comparable to the ones in control of the church, usually produce only limited advancement.

Weapons of mass desctruction are under control of the church and the presence of a priest is required for the activation of the most destructive devices in order to prevent the self-annihilation of the Masaren civilization.

Regional wars are not uncommon, fought using intrigue, politics or pawns, Masaren have a religious ban against killing each other and so rarely intervene in person during such fights with the exception of a brutal, but still regulated, form of ritual fighting used as the last possible solution to litigations.

Their laws does not prevent them to participate in war with othe species however, a thing that they enjoy, where they act as leaders for the "lesser breeds" armies or as elite soldiers capable of single handly defeat dozens of opponents.

Each dominion is bound to provide military for common defense of the empire, training soldiers and producing space ships, the power of the fleet is considered a source of social prestige and the overlords are always in competition to maintain a larger fighting force or a more advanced technology for their vessels.

Masaren rule over many lesser races, some created by genetic engineering to fullfill a specific role and their technology is designed to allow only them to command the most important machines, enforcing even more the centralized power structure and to create an illusion of divinity by allowing the overlords to manifest impressive "effects".

Historical Analysis[]

-15.000.000 years (approximate date), A galactic civilization create the Eye of Eshcal, a superstation, with the mass of a small moon, in the Nakjav starsystem.

-9.000.000 years, An unknown civilization abandon Eshran, leaving only a bunch of ruins filled with still active technology, their technology seems related to the one used to build the Eye of Eshcal.

-1.300.000 is the speculated birth date of the Masaren Race, however as no direct genetic ancestor has been identified yet these calculation are mere speculation based on the discovery of Masaren like ancient bones within the boundaries of an abandoned temple structure.

Most of the population lived divided in small hunting packs, each controlling a vast territory and competing with the many, dangerous, predators of Esharn for food and resources, The Masaren Birth rate has not yet begun to decline and their number was probably calculated in million during this age.

- 54.000 Years, the Beginning of Masaren History, their civilization still largely lives as disparate groups, however storytelling and a primordial form of writing begun to appear granting modern Masaren the ability to know the lives of their ancestors and to identify many of the legends that will shape the Anzhir religion in the next millennia. Due to being on top of the food chains for millennia without the need of complex tools Masaren technology has remained quite primitive, limited to the most simple tool, the only exception being writing, with various alphabets and languages coexisting trough the world. Trace of primordial religions appears, mostly related to the cult of the sky and storms.

-20.000 Years the Anzhir, a mammalian race that evolved in parallel with the Masaren but, due to the shorter life span and weaker bodies has already begun to form larger farming communities, begun worshiping the stronger reptilian as gods. At first Masaren packs merely offered protection to these communities in exchange for food, work and information, after a while they became rulers among the Anzhir and shaped their society to revere them as gods.

- 12.000 years, Masaren influence on the Anzhir culture has spawned a myriad of small nation, each serving a small pantheon of “gods” and equipped with medieval level technology, mostly thanks to Masaren ingenuity.

Masaren individualism and ambition, combined with their conviction of being gods enforced by the Anzhir fracture their civilization in many small domains, wars for theological matters are common and most nation quickly reach a level of technological stagnation as their rulers work to prevent discoveries that might reduce the aura of mysticism that surrounds them.

-11.000 Years, many atheist Anzhir or followers of a non Masaren centered religion flee the main continent on a large fleet, never to return, the unexpected population drop increase the chaos and conflicts in the remaining Masaren nation with the local leaders, or Overlords, attempting to unite as many Anzhir as they can under their own domain.

- 10.653 Masaren Population has lowered due to the internal war and a general decrease in the birth rate, the Exilees return from the ocean with an army determined to liberate their brethren from the Masaren grasp.

-10.428, The Declaration of Dothsan, the most powerful overlords decleare a peace theatry to deal with the invasion, their slow reaction time, nearly two hundred years, combined with the quick Anzhir attack has reduced the Masaren controlled portion of the land to one half of the main continent.

- 10.230 Years, after centuries of stalemate with the alliance between the Overlords shattering a new religion appear among the Masaren controlled portion of the continent, stating that Masaren was no gods, but still divine offsprings of a single creator being, the Storm god Eshcal, this faith, a synthesis of the pre Anzhir religions spreads like a wildfire among the Masaren and Anzhir alike. The Masaren find a new unity and the Prophet Vor’Lath reunite an army of followers.

-10.012 Years, the Battle of Dothsan, the armies of the Prophet defeats the remaining overlords scattering their forces to the wind. Only a few small independent nations remain.

-10.000 Years, The Holy Empire of Eshcal is born, Vor’Lath proclaim himself High Priest of Eshcal and emperor of the Masaren empire, with his control over an army of fanatically devoted Masaren and Anzhir the High Priest begun a violent military campaign against the free Anzhir, hunting them away from the main continent in less than fifty years and enslaving many.

The dogma of Eshcal is written, with a series of strict commands regarding loyalty, faith, preventing a Masaren from killing another and limiting scientific research to some field. Most of this rules still survive.

-9.578 Years the Holy Empire is living a golden age, the massive cities of Esh al'Oth, is completed to serve as the capital of the empire and core of the church of Eshcal, on the ruins of an ancient pre Masaren temple. The cities of Dothsan and Ardios surpass un million Anzhir inhabitants.

-9.215 Years The Holy Empire development of artificial ways to produce electricity, combined with a general distaste of Anzhir enslavement cause a massive Schism in the empire, hundreds of thousand Masaren abandon the continent, seeking to return to their ancient ways and accusing their brethren of “stealing the light of Eshcal”, the High Priest commands the other Masaren to respect their decision and no attempt is made to stop them. The migration, however, leaves a massive power vacuum in the empire the church will attempt for centuries to reorganize the empire social structure with a low level of success.

-8.966 Years, the free Anzhir after leaving for another continent centuries ago and reorganizing under the single leadership of Aisha Vara, Free Nation, a campaign of infiltration begin against their oppressors, sowing dissection in the empire, many build vast underground lairs under the empire greatest cities and in desolate regions, secretly recruiting the local Anzhir to their cause.

On a silent night, a cadre of Anzhir assassin infiltrate in the High Priest rooms, the legend says that Vor’Lath killed many of them with his bare hands before the Anzhir poisons could end his life.

- 8.550 Years the Holy empire has almost dissolved into civil war, the church itself fractured and unable to feel the void left by the prophet death, the nations of Marxath, Coryos and Aurof secede from the empire while regional overlords fight among each other for power and use their soldiers and riches to buy influence within the Church, hoping to nominate a puppet as the new High Priest.

The Overlord of Aidan, Kirios and Dilatra, form vast factions under their control and divide the Holy Empire in three, semi united but still unstable regions.

-8.518 Years, The Dilatra faction secede from the empire and begin to collapse, twelve small Masaren nation emerge from its ruins in the next century, each following a single charismatic leader with little power beyond his own hunting grounds.

- 8492 Years. The Anzhir send a second army from Aisha Vara against the scattered Dilatra territories, defeating many local overlords and bringing some Masare, as slaves, to their homeland. The surviving overlord join forces against the invading armies but manage only to obtain a temporary stall in their advance until internal conflicts among the Masaren break their fragile alliance. The overlord attempt to call for the support of the Empire, with no success, only Marxath send forces to assist them, but they succeed only in allowing many Masaren and their retinues to escape from the conquering forces

-8.487 Years, the Anzhir army having conquered most of the Dilatra territory decided to attack the Empire, using their hidden bases under their cities they manage to weaken the Aidan and Kirios overlords, forcing both to concentrate on the invading armies and abandon the civil war. Knowing that they would be defeated while facing even one of the unified faction the Aisha Vara leadership send a new team of assassin to kill the two leading overlords.

-8.486 Years With the leaders of the largest Masaren factions assassinated their military forces begun to collapse as the strongest overlord carve their own domain among the ruins. Only the brilliant political genius of Ilirya Aidan, that managed to form an alliance with Liot Kirios, managed to save the day. The two overlords using their combined forces and influences among the respective families succeeded in regaining control of the majority of the military.

-8.468 Years The Anzhir military is purged from the main continent, most of the non Masaren population is enslaved or coerced into the army. Liot Kirios and Ilirya Aidan marry, uniting the two houses.

-8378 Years The new Kirios Aidan order reorganize the Holy Empire, ties of personal loyalty are strengthened and the position of High Priest removed in favor of a council.

- 8371 Years Due to her political insight Ilirya Aidan became the de facto ruler of the empire, leaving her husband in a minor role. In order to recover the lost prestige Liot organize a strong army designed to destroy the nation of Aisha Vara, using the hate against the invaders to rise support among the imperial Masaren.

-8369 Years The Army sails from the main continent, with thousand Masaren and hundreds of thousand loyal Anzhir soldiers.

-8367 Years The Dominion of Heirash secede from the empire, but his ruler still maintain loyalty to the church. Following his example and facing no direct retaliation from the Throne, that has lost much of its military power due to Lios military campaign beyond the ocean. The Dominions of Lorios, Alzhur and Kevir secede too.

-8351 Years the Dominon of Marxath, absorb the smaller Lorios dominion and occupy most of the ex Dilatra territory, the Dominions of Heirahs and Kevir accept a military alliance with the Holy empire, to avoid being annexed. The Dominion of Alzhur, strong due to its powerful military and high production of electricity and weapons remain neutral, but friendly with the Empire.

-8212 Years After centuries of war Liot Keiros army decimate Aisha Var, enslaving the local population and destroying the last independent Anzhir nation on the planet.

- 8188 Years Many smaller Dominions merge with the Aidan, unable to maintain the imperial power structure intact, but not desiring a civil war lady Ilirya Aidan dissolve the Holy Empire, with the Aidan dominion covering a large portion of the land, many small dominions appear, with the Ivios, Keiros, Naltekh and Dothsan as the most powerful remaining power. The Church claim its own large dominion over the capital city of Esh al Oth.

- 8018 Years The Ex imperial dominions and their original protectorates formalize many agreements of mutual protection and grant to the Church the power of resolving dispute supported by a portion of their own military.

-8017 Years the Kerios clan, taking their remaining Anzhir abandon the main continent to assist Liot in establishing his Dominion over the Aisha Var continent.

-8015 Years With his family firmly in control of the land Liot Keiros decide to return to the continent and visit his wife, finally equal in power to her, however his fleet never succeed in reaching the continent for unexplained reasons and he dies in the sea.

-8010 Years Discovering her Husband Death Ilirya Aidan abandon, at least by name, her position of power as an Overlord to join the Church, becoming quickly the most influential member of the council and again the ruler of the Masaren nations.

-7845 Years The Kirios dominion divide in 4 smaller relams, Kirios, Degara, Karefis and Nazhen.

-7500 Years The First Celebration of Eshcal, a pilgrimage to Esh Al'Oth of the majority of the Masaren civilization with nearly one year of revelry in the name of their god. This year mark the beginning of a golden age of prosperity and technological progress among the Masaren nations of the Main and Aishan continent.

-6280 to -5700, The shrouded age, during this period a mysterious mutation appear among the Masaren, some of their offspring developed wings and the much increased ability to manipulate electricity. At first these beings was considered blessed by Eshcal and quickly amassed a vast influence in the continent. Fearing to lose their power to these beings that apparently was closer to Eshcal the most powerful overlords and elders of the Church guided a secret campaign of assassination against them. By 5700 only an handful of them survived, by joining monastic orders or escaping to savage and inhospitable lands. The blame was deflected to the Anzhir and even the life condition of the free loyal Anzhir became miserable.

- 5650 Years The last winged Masaren is born, the mutation disappear among their kind and the birth rate keep decreasing. The blades of Aidan dominion assassins kill her after a few weeks of the birth.

-4514 Years The Nazhen domain annexes the Karefis one. Nazhen emissaries reach the main continent seeking recruits for the ambitious project of conquering the independent Masaren that left during the Stolen Light Schism millennia before.

-4115 Years, After centuries of lobbying and manipulation, supported by the fact that the Anzhir number has become too overwhelming in confront of the Masaren one in the continent the Nazhen oveerlord convince many domain to conquer the free Masaren land and annex as many of them as they could to their society in an attempt to increase their numbers.

-4113 Years, the Ten Days War, the Masaren and Anzhir army invade the Evaskha region, where the savage Masaren lived, despite the superior technology the army is quickly defeated by a force composed of nearly one hundred thousand Masaren. Overlord Saref Nazhen Loch is captured and humiliated by the defending army.

-4112 Years, led by packmaster Aleph the Evashkha Masaren army storm the continental dominions defeating any army sent to oppose them, including the powerful guard of the church tha protected Esh Al'Oth, with the eldest priests and the most powerful overlord in chains the continental dominion is forced to agree to the warlord requests. Every dominion surviving leader swear an oath that force them, their people and their families to never again attack Evaskha. They oath is still in place today.

-4022 Years, the Karefis dominion regain independence from the Nazhen, whose power and influence has quickly vanished.

-3818 Years, the Hunt for the First Pool, a rumor about the location of the Masaren race birthplace within Evaskha spread in the continent after the free Masaren army retreats, many priests, archeologists or mere treasure hunters begun the search for that sacred place in Evaskha, a few return and it is rumored that many converted to the Evashkan way of life accepting against the instinc of their race. An expedition return to Dotsthan dominion, bringing some ancient relics from a ruined temple the Disk of Khaldal, rumored to explain the secrets of life, Dothsan scientists begin to study the relic.

-3715 Years, tension between the Anzhir in the empire and their so-called gods keep growing during the centuries after the winged Masaren purge and the Nazhen failed attempt to conquer Evaskha, rebellion is not uncommon in many smaller dominion. Maxrath dominion declare war to Dothsan in order to acquire the Disk of Khadal and the technological secrets that it might contain.

-3709 Years, despite the superior military force Maxrath is incapable of fully subduing Dothsan whose forces are continuously supplied by an army of weaker white scaled Masaren, named Jalkhas, spawned thanks to the Disk technology. Maxrath Anzhir begin a revolution against their leaders when a group of revolutionaries reveal to the public that Overlord Dorik Alef Maxrath intend to use the technology of the disk to create a subservient race of slave to replace the Anzhir.

-3708 Years, Overlord Dorik is killed within his temple fortress of Mavidus, the city secede from the dominion that quickly shatter, due to the negative diplomatic consequences of Dothsan invasion no dominion send any support to Maxrath forces allowing the local Anzhir to establish an independent governament.

-3705 Years, the Anzhir revolution spread to Dothsan, however the nation military, trained by the war and composed of a mix of loyal Anzhir and Jalkhas, supported by an army sent directly by the Eldest Council of Esh Al'Oth quickly sedate the rebellion.

-3650 Years, Maxrath is now a powerful independent Anzhir nation, rebellions are common within most of the continental domain while the Aishan dominions cut the trade routes in order to stop the diffusion of informations among their Anzhir subjects. In secret the church acquire the Disk of Khadal from Dothsan dominion and begin a secret breeding program of the Jalkhas, hyronically the ancient subterran outposts of the Aisha Var forces are used as breeding grounds for the new race.

-3631 Years, a rougue priest steal the Disk of Khadal, however both the church and Dothsan still possess enough information to keep spawning Jalkhas.

-3629 Years, the Nalkhet dominion is "liberated" and nearly annexed to Maxrath.

-3610 Years, the Church, satisfied with its Jelkhas forces, conditioned to an absolute loyalty to their master, share the secrets of their making to the most loyal overlords, the Aidan dominion begin to "produce" nerly tree million Jalkhas in secret breeding pools in isolated areas of the dominion.

-3568 Years, the Crusade of Scales begin, the Masaren military invade Maxrath, achieving a few devastating military victories. However new insurrection within the workforce of the continental dominions erupt, the crusade forces raze to the ground a large anzhir city initiating the war.

- 3530 Years, an all out war is now fought between the cold blooded Masaren, supported by the Jalkas and the hot blooded Anzhir on the continent. Million of lives are lost as both faction is violently determined to crush the other, uncaring of civilian victims. The church is presented with a new breed of reptilian humanoid, a warrior race named Jeraca, evolved from a vicious race of small blood drinking lizard of the Aishan continent. The "father" of this new race, Ranjan, one of the few surviving winged Masaren and secretly the one behinde the disk of Khadal theft, is acclamated as a liberator by the priesthood after the Jeraca begun to slaughter the Anzhir, clearing vast regions of their presence. Thanks to the Aishan dominions embargo however they did not know that the "blood father" already used the Jeraca to conquer most of that distant land.

-3527 Years, the capital city of Maxrath is occupied by the imperial forces, however an exilee fleet from Aisha var manage to reach the main continent, forcing the Jeraca blockade thanks to the noble sacrifice of their loyal Anzhir servants and inform the priesthood of Ranjan treachery.

-3526 Years, exposed during a public ceremony at Maxrath Ranjan is forced to strike against his former allies, many Jeraca turned against their Masaren masters, however some remain loyal to their leaders despite the commands of the Blood Father.

.3522 Years, the Anzhir resistance in Maxrath liberate the city, killing both Jeraca and Jalkas forces.

-3518 Years, the heroic Mirya Ulan Aidan defeat Ranjan in a direct confrontation, killing or at least incapacitating the bloodfather. The Jeraca armies scatter to the wind, killing every living being on their path.

-3517 Years, the high priest Ilyos Aidan hatch a terrifying plan to "resolve the Anzhir matter", using secret informations contained in the Disk, by torturing Ranjan followers they engineer a disease capable of wiping out the Anzhir, internal opposition manage to stall the plan for at least five years.

-3514 Years, the last Jeraca horde is defeated, Jeraca spawning pools are captured and all the newborn subjected to an imprinting based conditioning process. The Anzhir forces however, strike with renewed vigor against the severely weakend Masaren. The Aisha var decimated forces abandon the war, enjoying the loyal nature of their own Anzhir and too weakened by the Jeraca oppression of their continent to provide support.

-3513 Years, most of the Eldest Council is killed by Anzhir terrorist activities that destroy the second most important temple of Esh al'Oth. Cospiration theoriest believe that the strike was actually planned by Ilyos Aidan and his followers in order to justify the deployment of the Bane of Eshcal, the Anzhir killing disease.

-3512 Years, the Bane of Eshcal is released, within a couple of years 90% of the Anzhir population of the continent is dead. The Aishan continent dominions form a coalition determined to stop the devastation and find a cure, strengthening their bond with their survinng Anzhir followers and enforce a stricter blockade to prevent the contagion.

-3510 Years, Aishan blocakde is ineffective and the contagion is spreaded to the continent, A cure is discovered by the Degara dominion that manage to save only a few Anzhir that remain isolated within a special reserve

-3509 Years, the Bane of Eshcal mutate, maybe due to the Degara experiments, becoming capable of infecting any mammalian specie. Despite many attempt to contain it the Bane drive to extinction 98,73% of the planet mammalian within less than five years.

-3504 Years, the Bane of Eshcal plague finally end, its aftereffects destroy many environments leading to an echological disaster. Both continents suffer due to famine, the Jalkas are overbred to replace the exterminated Anzhir workforces but their greater requirements for food and carnivorous nature just increase the issue. A few Jalkas migrate to the Evashka region and apparently integrate with the local society.

-3500 to -2351 Years, the Masaren technological progress bring to many new discoveries, but most of the attempts are unsuccessful in preventing the decline of the planet, the Aishan and the newly renamed Aidan continent form two opposing political coalition that exist in a state of cold war, with the first accusing the church and their main supporter, the Aidan dominion of the current condition of their homeworld.

-2350 Years, the beginning of the Masaren space program, without faster than light technology however the Masaren are unable to find a new planet with conditions compatibe with their homeworld.

-2290 Years, a failed experiment on the small island of Yrieth cause a powerful seismic aftershock on the continent, an increase in the planetary seismic activity and a mild destabilization of its magnetic field.

-1780 Years, the first colony is formed on Noiros, the largest moon of Eshrarn, mostly as a display of technological might of the Keiros dominion, the new hegemonic power in the Aishan continent, however the costs vastly surpass the benefits provided by the operation. Masaren scients speculate that in a few thousand of years life will exstinguish from Eshran.

-1629 Years, Aidan exploration vessels detect the presence of fast moving, but small, object at the outskirt of Eshran system.

-1518 Years, a ruined but still active structure, similar to the ones present on Eshran is discovered during the scan of the Eshran VI, despite the immense cost of the expedition both the Kirios and Aidan blocks send a ship with living Masaren on the planet.

-1517 Years, a fight on the planet erupt between the two expedition and they are both lost to their homeworld.

-1516 Years, the Church after regaining a little of its lost influence, mostly due to the general fear about the future diffusing among the Masaren population force the two blocks to send "common" expedition to the planet.

-1510 Years, the Aidan-Keiros expedition land on Eshran VI and begin to study the structure discovering its link with another massive construct located light years away from Eshran.

-1280 Years, after centuries of work the Masaren manage to send a signal trought the Eshran VI installation and they receive an unexpected reply from some apparently civilized being from the other side. Years of communication follow with the Masaren and the strangers forge a mutual trust and friendship.

-1000 Years, the first Narixt, a sentient insect specie from the far system Nakjav, lands on Ehsran II, using a prototype of ftl engine designed thanks to the Eye of Eshcal technology. The church form an alliance with the aliens, using the disagreements among the Aidan and Keiros dominions as a way to increase its political influence. A golden age begin with the Narixt and Masaren sharing technological progress and making incredible progress. Masaren scientists are allowed access to ftl technology and access to the Eye of Eshcal in exchange for their advanced biotechnological discoveries.

-680 Years, the Masaren dominion of Laurion is born, the first located on another planet with vast Eshraformed areas established thanks to the shared Narixt and Masaren technology

0 On the 1000 year anniversary of the Narixt and Masaren alliance the restabilizing process of Eshran is completed, the Church proclaimed the Third Masaren Holy Empire, with a political, military and technological power that surpass the one of the, now dissolving, Kirios and Aidan blocks, enshuring a now truly unitary Masaren governament.

118 to 131 Years, the Empire send troops to support the Narixt governament civil war, Jeraca shock troops massacre the population of rebel colonies and order is re-established. The public opinion is divided on the support of their allies that costed many civilian lives.

157 Years, a Masaren Narixt hybrid is discovered on the surface of Laurion, spawned by a group of rogue masaren geneticist, violating the church ban on alterating or studying Masaren genetics, the heretics are "converted" into church enforcer and their knowledge stolen. Masaren priesthood discovers that the Disk of Khadal is still in possession of some shadowy organization.

197 Years, the Narixt colony of Nakjev VIII is infested by a plague that turn the inhabitants into reptilian hybrids, the Narixt governament devastate the planet using the Eshraforming technology as a weapon eradicating life from its surface.

202 Years, rumors spread among the Masaren about a the survival of the Blood Father Ranjan, religious cults appear among both races following him as a prophet. Many jeraca join the cult and the Masaren overords destroy entire generations of Jeraca in fear of the prophet actions.

1053 Years, A small fleet attack the Eye of Eshcal, take the Naxrith and Masaren scientists working there as hostages, it is rumored that Ranjan himself was the leader of the attack, however the invaders vanish within the dhepts of the superstation leaving only a few Jeraca there to be killed by the troops sent by Narixt protectorate.

1150 Years, the Narixt governament, fearing for the safety of the Eye of Eshcal, called the Star Beacon by their people, that was the source of their faster than light technology begun to vote on a resolution that will prevent Masaren scientists and vessels to approach the station. A party of Masaren haters use the massacres during the civil war to push the public opinion against the Empire

1251 Years, terrorist activity almost exterminate the small Anzhir community preserved on Eshran, the fact draw attention to the Bane of Eshcal and the Anzhir purge, manipulating even more the Naxrit public opinion against their scaled allies.

1253 Years, despite the attempt of the Masaren friendly politician and people, the resolution is about to pass, some even suggest to remove Masaren fleets from the Naxrit space, by using the superior fleet of the Protectorate.

1254 Years, Nakjev, the Naxrit homeworld is devastated by a surprise attack, using the same techniques of using the Eshraforming process to cause a polar inversion and the related earthquake to wipe out the planetary infrastructures. Jeraca soldier took control of the fleet that was docking on the planet for maintenance and initiate the process. The Narixt military reaction is not fast enough to stop the catastrophe.

1255 Years, the Naxrit accuse the Masaren of the treachery, while the priesthood make public accusations against the Blood Father but no proof of his survival is found.

1256 Years, Naxrit retailations against Masaren colonies lead the church and the strongest Overlord to begin a counter offesive. With most of their infrastructure intact the Masaren is quickly capable of defeating the Naxrit fleets. A variation of the Bane of Eshcal is deployed on a few Naxrit colonies, the Church and Masaren governament deny their involvement with no success.

1257 Years, motivated by fear that the Naxrit scientific team on the Eye of Eshcal might sabotage or destruct the station to block the faster than light propusion system of both races the Church send a large army of Jalkas and Jeraca to kill the Naxrit presence at the station.

Before their arrive, however, a Masaren scientist one of the last presence on the structure, considered a friend by the Naxrit use a prototype distortion engine to evaquate most of the surviving Naxrit with their weakened fleet from the station. During the year the Masaren supership save many small colonies and civilian outpost from annihilation.

Masaren Empire[]

National Statistics[]

Legal System[]

The Empire is organized trough a feudal hierarchy, the law is directly administered by the Overlords or the Packmasters loyal to him, however due to the large population level of many domains and the small number of the Masaren, compared to the total population, the Overlord judgement is usually called only when a Masaren is involved.

Most of the day-to-day activities are handled by courts composed of Jalkhas, organized with a vertical hierarchy, the most important court is directly nominated by the Overlord but is free to choose the members of regional and communal tribunals.

Lacking a common law, a part from religious and military matters, each dominion is free to establish its own internal regulation, that usually follow the same guidelines of their neighbours, usually trough a long evolutionary process. The Overlord are usually free to alter the laws as they see fit, but rarely abuse of such power, allowing their advisors, Masaren or not to handle the legislation procedures and focusing on foreign politics.

The legal system of a single dominion only apply to that territory, however most of the nations have political agreements that allows for extradition and the basic laws are usually compatibles.

Punishment usually vary between dominions, mostly a matter of tradition, Overlord personality and regional power groups. Usually, but not always, Masaren punishments are less harsh than the one inflicted on the lesser breeds.

In most courts one of the component is chosen to represent the accused part and is boud by the law to act at the best of his or her ability in organizing a proper defense. The Overlords can overrule the decision of any court but they rarely choose to interfere.

The church administer religious laws trough the empire and follow an unified set of commands, mostly spiritual in nature. Nominally the church tribunal are the only one in power of judging the activities of the Overlords, but trials agains these powerful rulers are extremely rare in order to minimize local instability.

Killing a Masaren is considered the worst possible crime and the punishment is usually an extremely slow and painful death for any non masaren, with the church enforcers keeping the victinm alive for month or even years of mental and physical torture. Masaren however are not punished with death, as it will only increase the loss of life, but suffer a long and extremely painful process of mental conditioning based on electrical overcharges that last for years, even if Masaren technology would allow a quicker time setting the church keep using the traditional slow system in order to increase the "scare factor", these reprogrammed Masaren are turned into church enforcer and act as the elitè military hand of the faith.


The Empire possess two distinct military forces, the first, supplied by the Overlords represent the vast majority of the Masaren army, while the second is directly controlled by the church, their fleet is equipped with more advanced sensor system and weaponry, but usually lack the numbers and menpower even if compared with the forces of a few dominions combined. There is no official distinction between the fleet and the lad forces.

Masaren act as officers and elité forces for the empire and fullfill the role of fleet navigators, as their largest vessels are designed to require their presence. While every dominion have personalized technological perks most of the fleet use unified model, designed by the techpriests for mass production on planetary and orbital shipyards.

The Lance of Eshcal (Military arm of the Church)

The Lance, composed of ten fleets of super heavy fighters, Masaren sensor vessels and automated Strix craft is the most powerful unitary military in Masaren controlled space. It is crewed by Enforcers, reprogrammed Masaren whose mind has been broken after committing a murder among their own kind. The enforcers has been collected during the millennia, but someone speculate that the church is secretly converting political enemies to boost their ranks. Due to mental conditioning these warriors are absolutely loyal to the priesthood, their continuous training make them excellent warriors, pilots and tactitians. Unlike the overlord fleets that use non Masaren crew the church vessels requires only Enforcers and Priests, relying on a high level of automatism, for defense and maintenance. No lesser breed is allowed on any of the holy ships.

Each fleet is composed of 5 Kor'Vailas, Lightshpers, class super fighters, each carrying nearly a thousand Strix crafts, smaller fully automated crafts that the ship navigator can direct at will trough his or her neural link with the Kor'Valias computers. Kor'Vailas class ship carry a modified version of the Eshraforming technology, adapted after the Narif massacre, strong enough to cause an inversion in the magnetic poles of a planet and related devastation.

Work in progress


Religion, The Church of Eshcal[]





Masaren Technology suffers from the influence of the faith and the absence of any non masaren research after the Anzhir Purge. Most of the Masaren technological wonders have been developed by church scientist, taken from their neighbors or reverse engineered from the Eye of Eshcal and other ancient structures on the planet.

Physics is the most advanced branch of Masaren Technology, they possessed the ability of manipulating and producing electricity from their middle age and they employ both magnetism and electricity to power up their technology. Thanks to the Eye of Eshcal they managed to recreate the controlled singularity engines of the super structure, even if with a much more primitive and potentially unstable design allowing them an almost limitless power source for their vessels. More traditional ways are used to generate power for their planetary structures, mostly due to safety reasons, using geothermal, hydroelectric, cold fusion and weather based power plants.

Interstellar transportation is based on a technology similar to the one employed in the ancient rings that dot the galaxy, even if no ring was originally present in their home world. Their ships are capable of performing instantaneous transportation trough space, and someone speculates even trough time with the proper, but yet untested, application of their technology. In order to achieve such results, however they require the destination gravimetric and magnetic information about the destination that they would not be able to acquire without the presence of the Eye of Eshcal, even with the superstructure radiation they still require hour-long calculation time. The time distortion technology requires massive amount of power and engines that could not fit smaller crafts, only the Daigar and Kor’Valias class ships carry such engines. The machine generates a large space-time distortion field that allows such vehicles to carry an entire fleet with them during a jump. The field can be maintained during combat and used for tactical micro jumps, however this feature requires a few minutes of calibration to become active. Some of the Daigar class ship can also use their engines as a weapon, sending only portion of the opposing vessels away to shatter them. Realspace transportation use magnetic and graviton manipulation, using nearby fields produced by planets and other celestial objects, in the void, however, it is quite slow and ineffective.

In order to allow stable interplanetary travel without employing the larger military vessels Masaren designed a series of semi permanent spatial distortion lanes, based on permanent and stable distortion fields. Large structures have been built orbiting over most important spaceports and usually under control of the local overlord to allow instantaneous transportation of vessels between their planets. Navigating such structure without the protection of a starship, however, is usually quite destructive so no personal teleportation technology has yet been developed. Shifting and establishing a distortion lane destination requires months of work, so most important spaceports usually have more than one structure and a complex net has been built based on key nodes. Some Daigar class ship carry a lane generator but such device is operative only while semi stationary and after a few month period of calibration.

Masaren have access to an advanced and almost limitless range sensor system thanks to the Eye of Eshcal, the device project a sub-space radiation and register its refraction and disturbances potentially allowing its operators to gain data about far systems. Most masaren vessels can use the “light of Eshcal” for long range reading and to calibrate their ftl engines. While the eye can produce an immense amount of information it still require adaptation to masaren technology in order to be properly comprehended and made useful, the church is slowly mapping the galaxy trough it, but their knowledge is still limited to system close enough to Esharn. Kor’Valias crafts carry miniature and less advanced versions of the eye for short range scan and tactical analysis.

The destruction of the Eye of Eshcal could almost blind the entire civilization due to their reliance on the super structure, limiting their ships to the space that has already been mapped and removing their most advanced scanning abilities. Masaren scientists are working to replicate it with minor success but will still requires years, even a century, to rebuild the structure from scratch and without many of the yet not comprehended functions.

Masaren are capable of manipulating matter and of Energy to Matter conversion, however such a technology requires immense amount of power and is still considered too expensive for any not purely scientific application. Only the church control a large converter in the Oshan Gaar superstructure, a space station that orbits Esharan II, such structure is constantly employed to replicate the Eye of Eshcal building material that is used in Kor’Valias sensor system and stockpiled in case of extensive damages to the Eye itself.

In order to exclude outsiders from accessing their technology and lesser breed from overthrowing them Masaren employ a neural interface, based on their electroperception field, trough this computer assisted technology a single Masaren navigator is capable of controlling a Daigar or Kor’Valias super ship, lead the Eshraforming process, or use many Dominion wide security or weather control system. Intense training is still required to handle the immense sensorial input during these activities, but is hardly needed for lesser application of their technology. Masaren navigators and overlords find the sensation of direct interface with vast systems like the starships nearly addictive. This technology is also used to create sensorial illusions that can be employed for training or entertainment and to reduce the “oppressive” sensations felt by the Masaren while living in the confined space of a starship. A form of sensorial drug is also diffused, against the church and most overlords laws, that use electro stimulated vision to grant extreme pleasure but cause long term brain and electroperception damages.

Masaren brain interface technology can be adapted to other races and is some time used in weaponry and other personal devices as well as a recreation and interrogation technology. Memories can be extracted by this system from a victim brain, but information loss and transcription errors are not uncommon while used on non Masaren. Use of such technology on Masaren is illegal however. The Church is known to employ this as a brainwash system used to create their enforcers from heretics and criminals, but the process has never been made public. A soft way of electrical imprinting is also employed to increase the loyalty of lesser breeds.

During their civilization masaren designed many ways of enhancing and supporting their ability to manipulate electricity, from staff weapons that can be used to project lightning bolts, modernly used mostly for display, to armors that multiply their sensorial or magnetic abilities, personal force fields, portable batteries that can be used to recharge their own internal accumulators, stabilizers, usually concealed in form of jewelry, that allow the Masaren to navigate magnetically unstable environment and to resist weapons designed to confuse the Electroperception.

Biotechnology and medical science have huge discrepancies in their level of advancement, due to a ban in studying some aspects of Masaren physiology their medicine level is quite low for their own race and, despite their natural resistance to disease there are still many incurable pathologies among the Masaren race. It is rumored that the church acquired a study on Masaren genetics after purging a group of rogue scientists that studied their kind despite the ban.

Masaren were capable of manipulating other life form already before achieving ftl technology, designing entire species to accommodate their desires, resurrecting extinct Eshran beasts and finally replicating their homeworld entire ecosystem on foreign planets during the Eshraforming process. Their extensive knowledge of the lesser breed physiology, created trough intelligent design and bred as loyal allies and servants, allow their medicine to be far more advanced while applied to the lesser breed and no known disease survive on their planet that can affect them without being cured.

While studying a way to stabilize the environmental conditions of their home world after the Purge Masaren, with their Narif allies, has developed an effective weather control technology, occasionally used as a weapon and the ability to affect an entire planet magnetic field using a web of ships in orbit. As a side effect the process can be used to cause an artificial polar inversion and the related seismic activity. The process is currently employed to maintain Eshran magnetic field and to Eshranform planets.