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From the mind of Negatron

This article is a record of the Golden Age of Hollowstar.

Gender: Male
Born: 21,612 GST
Died: 21,786 GST

Melchas Letan was one of the three kings during the Golden Age of Hollowstar. He laid claim to the crown in 20,706 GST, immediately after the death of Lessos Galvin. Although Algen Galvin gained control of most of the technology, Melchas remained in control of half of Hollowstar proper until his death in 21,786 GST, when he was succeeded by his son, Janem Letan.

After his rise to kingship, Melchas lived in the shadow of Algen. While he kept his independence, he never gained any influence over anything outside his half of the planet. He maintained a sense of separation by practicing sorcery, obtained from Tanathedas. During his life, Melchas created some pseudomagical weaponry and strange monsters, but not nearly as much as Algen.