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The Mimics sprung up in the Second Age of Hollowstar as rivals to the Metromages. Instead of the widely diverse powers of the Metromages, they all have a single flexible ability: A Mimic can replicate any action he has ever seen, but after performing it, can never do it again. Despite the equivalence of all Mimics, certain Mimics rose up as leaders.

Significant Mimics[]


Radam was the first mimic, and ruled the mimics until the arrival of Chronos. Radam traveled widely before settling on Peresedas, and brought many powerful abilities - some of which he never used.


Though his knowledge is widely considered superior to Radam's, Khazid never became a leader of the mimics - due in part to his hermit tendency. Khazid found several creatures with the ability to magically grant abilities, and with careful planning surpassed the great limitation of mimics, that is, to only use an ability once.