Dorenum is the language spoken by the Hexarians that originated with the Elvan civilisation on the Alutai continent, Hexar. Modern Dorenum is a slight variation on the original Alutain dialect. It is the official and most spoken language of the Hexarian Star Republic.

Some Features of Dorenum[]

Dorenum is a phonetically-written language with each character representing a vowel sound or a consonant-vowel combination (such as A, EE, GA, KI), with the exception of a few lone consonants. It has no articles and uses grammatical particles to express tense and relationship. The grammar is very logical in structure, and all characters have only one pronunciation.


Number Dorenum
1 Aun
2 Ko
3 Yan
4 Zin
5 Hek
6 Fal
7 Bi
8 Nos
9 Tam
10 Kel