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Common Attribution: Monai

Categorical Attribution: Monai

Population Detail: Based on archeologist's finds, in the range of 4,000-10,000

System: Genesehres System

Civilization class: Type E: Continental/National Society

Known History[]

Monai were once a race of stone-people that lived on the planet Pelnome. At one point in its history, Pelnome was covered in large glaciers, but the majority of the surface was rock. The atmosphere was far below most species' habitable temperatures, and thus there was no water. Although the way that the Monai came to be isn't known, the fact that they existed is obvious in that they carved out six cities out of the earth. The Monai first appear in Pelnome's Valley of the Greatstones, and as far as scientists know the Monai failed to move outside the boundaries of the valley.

Very soon after the Monai appear in recorded history, it is shown that they developed a language and began to work together to build their cities. The cities were not as modern cities are, however. These cities had no buildings or homes, but were simply large groups of winding tunnels below the ground. Each city had two entrances, each covered by a large, round, flat stone. When entering the city, the Monai would move the stone and once in the tunnels, would pull the stone back over the entrance. The reason they practiced this is unknown, as there are no known predators or enemies of the Monai at this point in Pelnome's history.

The whole process, as learned from an inscription in a wall of one of their major landmarks, took four "gladra," the Monai equivalent of 9 GY.

The Monai society grew rapidly and abundantly, the beings soon delving into scientific studies, "nuidrlk," which translates in Tetnithit to "learning the world of ours." The Monai learned to grow two crops, berir and honwa, the only two forms of plant life known to exist on Pelnome, at any time.

As societies usually do, the Monai society came to an end in the form of a great and unstoppable threat. For reasons unknown, Pelnome's orbit shifted and it moved closer to the sun. This caused the great glaciers to melt and flood the entire surface, destroying the stone Monai completely.


It is argued among the scientific community whether or not Monai ingested the crops that they grew. Critics of the theory often argue that the crops exact properties are still unknown, and thus they could've served some other purpose that has been lost in time.

The largest source of debate, however, is where the Monai came from. Many scientists speculate that the Monai were left on Pelnome by another race of more advanced beings, or were somehow biologically engineered. Whatever the reason, it is unknown what secrets lie deep in the Valley of the Greatstones.