Mya Suserell
[[File:{{{image}}}|292x400px|Mya Suserell]]
Birth 2702 AKR
Death {{{Death}}}
Home Aitini Yeoiti Flag Aitini Yeoiti
Species Iorou
Gender Female
Height 1.72 Ki
Hair Color Dark Brown (roots dyed)
Eye Color Brown
Affiliation Independent Coalition of Systems
Independent Coalition of Systems

Mya Suserell was the Senator for the planet Aitini Yeoiti before and during the Third Galactic War. She was elected in the year 2738 AKR and is the incumbent senator from the planet.

She is known for her distantic business formal dress, which is usually colored black or tan. Despite the stern nature of her outfits, she is often described as a warm and welcoming person.

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