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Geographic Regions[]

Mount Clarem[]

Mount Clarem is 4,000 feet tall and is situated in the center of Darkwood Forest.

Darkwood Forest[]

Darkwood Forest is six miles wide at its narrowest point and twelve miles from end to end. Mount Clarem rises out of the center of Darkwood Forest. The trees of Darkwood Forest have no leaves, but otherwise grow as though alive.

Meignot Plain[]

The Meignot Plain begins three miles southeast of Mount Clarem, at the border of Darkwood Forest, and extends to the southeast.

Lein Hills[]

The Lein Hills begin at the northeastern edge of Darkwood Forest and extend for six miles, in a near-circle. They are bordered by the Amerold Mountains to the east, the Central Grasslands to the west and the Pelas Desert to the north.

Haven Cities of the Alignment[]

The five Haven Cities of the Alignment form the shape of the astronomical symbol for Earth, and mark the safest departure point from Na'Damor to Earth. Each city is surrounded by a magical shield. All five cities are located in the Central Grasslands.


Janeron's shield cannot be destroyed as long as one of the other four shields remain. It is in the centre of the symbol, and also in the center of the Central Grasslands.


Sharon, the Western City of the Alignment, was overcome by the taint.




Sinqua, the Southern City of the Alignment, lies at the every edge of the Southern Grasslands. It is a port city.