Nate Leav
Personal Information
Age 19
Place of Birth Castenona, Crelina
Height 1.93
Weight 76 Pr
Team Information
Current Team Crelina Kickers
Number 7
Matches 75
Goals 54
Youth League
University Team None
Ioroball Youth Cup Crelina Youth Kickers
Premier League
Team Crelina Crelina Kickers
Years 2750 -
ICS Ioroball Cup Appearances
Years 2752
Team Crelina Coalition Spacers
Avopei-Larru Champion Cup Appearances
Years 2752
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Nate Leav is an Ioroball player who plays for the Crelina Kickers. Leav was recruited in 2750 from the Club's Youth team, the Crelina Youth Kickers.

Early Years[]

Leav was born in Castenona to Steven Leav, former Mayor of Castenona and Alexandra Birenen-Leav, a famous movie actress. Leav has an older brother, a younger sister and a younger brother. Leav and his brothers would often attend Ioroball matches at The Arena in Castenona.

Youth League[]

Leav joined the Crelina Youth Kickers team when he was twelve, which made him one of the youngest players on the team, but he quickly showed his skill becoming captain of the team by the time he was fifteen. He remained Captain of the Youth team until he was seventeen.

Premier League[]

During his final year in secondary school in Castenona, Leav was approached by Crelina Kickers' captain Zach Alarna, the youngest captain in the team's history. Alarna offered him an offensive position on the Crelina Kickers for the 2750 season, in which he played 6 of the 37 matches. Notably, he scored at least one goal in each of the matches in which he played. In the 2751 season, Leav played in 32 matches before sustaining a right leg fracture, which put him out for the remainder of the season. Despite only playing 56 matches in his Premier League Career prior to the announcement, Leav was chosen to be part of the Coalition Spacers ICS Ioroball Cup team.