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Negatron is an Antheon who remained behind after the beginning of the Great Search, and was instrumental in the rapid development of sentient life in the Hollowstar System .

Despite his great power, Negatron actually does very little. His first documented action was to provide the space-distortion ability that became the core of all Hollowstar technology. From then on, he was called the Fourth King, although his second contribution was to help the Metromages survive the destruction of Hollowstar proper. After that, he helped usher in the War of Time's End by making war on his brother Chronos, who returned from another galaxy and tried to take over. The war ended with the death of Chronos, which created a few seconds of chaos across the galaxy before Negatron was able to bring it under control.

Negatron had two children between the destruction of Hollowstar proper and the War of Time's End. The first, a boy named Margon, proved too violent and Negatron eventually had to kill him. Negatron's daughter Tulvian, however, married and became the mother of Segarus.


Warp Zone


  • Warp space, in any way
  • Wipe objects from existence

Negatron controls the Antheonic Web, a wormhole-based supercomputer that spans the entire galaxy on a subatomic level. This allows him to teleport any particle (or any number of particles) anywhere he pleases merely by thinking about it.