Common Attribution Neretum
Scientific Name Neretum's Universial Galactic
Total Stars ~2000
Star Systems 6
Size 18 Light years
Galactic Arms None
Satellite Galaxies None
Regions *Higher region
  • Lemodille
  • Galactic hole
  • Lower region
Sentient Species Unknown
Primal Species Unknown

Neretum is a universe, which consists of one galaxy, being the smallest known universe. After huge explosion of Surium universe it received the smallest amount of resources needed for creation. Though only 4 billion years have passed since the creation of the universe it is believed to live only half a million years more.


Neretum is created about 4 billion (Earth) years ago after explosion of previous universe, the Surium Universe. Several days ago before destruction of the previous universe many new black holes created, it resulted in emtyping of it. Universe emptied into many new and smaller universes. The Neretum was the smallest.