The New Kvorn Empire is the modern incarnation of the ancient Kvorn Empire and the most significant grouping of the Kvorn species. It is the only power in the Kasperion Sector with a capital system outside the sector (the Lycansis System, in the Margelo Sector). It is an emerging power, after many hundreds of years of exile from their homeworld Hexar, at the hands of the Hexarians.


The name New Kvorn Empire is actually a convention used by other races, as the group currently define themselves with a phrase meaning "all that belongs to Dehk" (Kvorn language is notoriously difficult to transliterate). To the Kvorn it is not so much an Empire but simply a collection of the Emperor's possessions (including all people). The ruling of this civilisation is a crude but effective autocracy.


Kvorn are natural-born killers and will fight with almost any other race, clan or even each other. Despite being gifted in martial combat, their military organisation is lacking. As ground forces and boarding troops in space, the Kvorn are a force to be reckoned with. However their understanding of technology is barely enough for them to explore their own star system.

Unfortunately for the Kvorn's enemies, the Shikkar Federation were only too willing to provide transportation for legions of bloodthirsty Kvorn troops. In this way, both the Shikkar and Kvorn have become much more dangerous than their constituent parts.


The New Kvorn Empire are variously at war with most of the races of the Kasperion and Margelo sectors. Their relations are perhaps best with the Shikkar. Occasionally they will even work with the Homar Imperium; though such pacts rarely last long.