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The N.W.W.T.T. (Northern Wispy Wood Trade Triad) was created by the Beards of Done, who are a suspicious people. They were enslaved by Sentra Colonialists for many years before they finally won independence. Since that time, they found the population of Done knew little more than resourcing and mining. They reached out to their neighbors in the forest, Waterside and Wisp. Both were also colonies from Sentra, liberated during the War of Epic Names and Places, about two hundred years previous. Done set up an agreement with the other two colonies that they would provide the bullion and resources, Waterside would provide the agriculture and stock and Wisp would take charge of manufacturing.

The agreement worked for centuries, before Done became suspicious of their northern neighbors. As part of the contract, the three colonies were to never deal with outsiders. This, naturally, proved impossible, because of their near proximity to the Magisary Domain. Done, however, believed Waterside was trading with Deity City, who was still a Sentra colony. Such behavior would be treasonous. Waterside and Done went head to head over the issue, and most of the land believed war was imminent.