Omahray, meaning "we are one," in Degallan, is at the very heart of that race's philosophy.

In essence, as all sentient beings are manifestations of the Universe, the loss of or harm to even a single life is something which diminishes the entire community. Conversely, an action which contributes to the overall well-being of one person contributes to the well-being of the entire community.

This colors everything in Degallan society, especially in the way they react to others. Should even one of their number(or one of their friends)be harmed or killed, the entire Degallan race will seek out and destroy the cause of that harm, something the Redeemptionists and the Rannellans have both found out the hard way.

It is also something the Albians have found out, to their benefit, when the Degallans apologized for the terrible misunderstanding which nearly led to war between their two peoples by pledging eternal friendship with the Confederation.