Operation: Backstab was an operation devised by General Draker of Ivory to take control of more land for his own personal needs as well as the Empire's needs. This was also one of the most contradictory acts in Imperial history.

The Nalon Pact[]

The Nalon Pact was the treaty signed by both the Eternal Empire and the Nalonia Republic that began the alliance between the two nations. The Empire agreed to defeat the Char'in Dominion for the Nalonia Republic, and in return, a portion of the land on the moon of Nalon would be given to the Eternal Empire. This land could expand while the Char'in Civil War was still taking place. Because the Nalonia Republic's leaders thought that the Empire would end the war quickly, they did not expect Revus' ambitions to overpower his friendship.

This land would be run by General Draker, a young general determined to prove his worth. A noble from Everstone, Draker took army courses at Fort Sabre to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors, who served beside Eternal Emperor Hunter II during his charge against the Ocean Kingdom. Revus trusted in Draker, for Draker was also on Team Alpha-9 during the attack on the Grand Citadel in order to kill Eternal Emperor Tigarus I. Two more officers, Captain Scrane and Lieutenant Rile, would also be under Draker's command.

The objective of Operation: Backstab was to capture as much territory on Nalon as possible while the Char'in Civil War was going on. Draker and his men weren't going to let their Emperor down if they could help it.

The Assault[]

Operation: Backstab was going to be a long-term operation. Draker was given a city, and this city was named Ivory, after the ivory sword he had as a family heirloom. From Ivory, Draker would build up his forces and capture the surrounding cities, as well as put down any resistance whatsoever. During the third day of the Battle of Nalon, Draker conquered the city of Adventur in a crushing defeat. A rebellion of 600 men attacked Ivory, but was completely annihilated by Draker's forces.


Draker was about to take the area around him, the Argo Plains, by storm. However, Revus decided to cancel Operation: Backstab. Because of the unexpectedly powerful defenses of the Char'in Dominion, Draker and his men were needed on the frontlines. While reserve troops from the Empire were put in Adventur and Ivory to use it as an insertion point for re-supply missions and as a firebase area, Draker and his men were put on the frontlines to fight against the Char'in.