The Palace of Queens is located in the Aizai city of Aendira, on the planet Jeji. The palace is home to the current Queen, and rarely King, of the Aizai nation. The palace obtained the name as the monarchy is passed through the eldest female, rather than the male. The palace is the last one of few Jeji Royal Government buildings still in Aendira. The Palace was completed in 2685 AKR.


The Palace was first put forth by the Aendira City Council in 2618 AKR. The old residence of the Queen was the Elders Hall, which was located on the center island formed at the convergence of the Rialindi and Yilamo Rivers. The residence was falling into disrepair, and needed massive repairs. The final plan was decided in 2684 after a long elimination process. Plans were put forth by various companies which were voted upon by the Queen and her parliament. The palace was to be built on the central island, adjacent to the Elders Hall. The palace began construction in 2676. The project was greatly hindered by the two rivers; a building over the water was unheard of at the time, and presented many problems. The Palace was eventually completed in 2685, five years behind schedule.


The Palace is made of two massive building; the first is 1500 stories and the second is 1789 stories. The two buildings are connected by a clear bridge that is on the 1456th floor.

Outer Grounds[]

The most notable feature of the Palace is the Path of the Royals. This path is for pedestrian use only and connects to the 750th level. The path has two rows, one on each side, of gold statues of the most famous and well known monarchs throughout the ages. The Path has a total of 36 statues. Each statue is posed in a different way to try, and connect to the citizens.