PanGalactic Banks Union
Organizational Information
Led By Prime Minister
  • Crivel System (capital)
  • Orcs Rofd System
  • Udia System
  • Lafa Meoro System
  • Rerifi System
  • Yrchi System
Primary Roles
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Political Information
Formation 247 AKR
  • Senator Krendal Vos
  • Minister Clove Trands
  • Minister Kris Locchi

The PanGalactic Banks Union (PBU)is a massive collective of banks throughout the Avopei-Larru Galaxy. The PBU was formed in 247 AKR by a formal order by the Three Galactic Governments to help regulate the newly re-established Avopei-Larru Galactics. Originally, the PBU was organized and controlled by the three galactic governments directly, however after tensions from the First Galactic War, the Union was allowed to become self-governing. The PBU also maintains the largest stock exchange in the galaxy on the planet Crivel. Alongside the maintenance of the galactic currency, the PBU also provides a large majority of personal banking needs for individuals and businesses throughout the Galaxy through a multitude of local subsidiary banks. The main assets of the PBU are held in a series of massive, ultra secure vaults scattered around Crivel. All vaults have separate opening procedures. No single person holds more than two of the access keys. Vaults can be secured remotely in a crisis.