Parriphenos, with Hexar to the left and Zerraphenos barely visible as a blue dot in the upper middle

Parriphenos is the larger of Hexar's two moons, the other being Zerraphenos. Its name in Dorenum means "Emerald Moon", from its vibrant green colour. Upon reaching it, the Hexarians discovered the colour was mostly the result of a moss-like vegetation layer. There are also huge swathes of highly adapted fern-like flora, which are able to grow in the thin atmosphere.

Due to it having an orbit almost perpendicular to Hexar's, the moon has a surprisingly stable climate. The air is breathable to Hexarians, although after hours or days it usually inflicts uncomfortable and dangerous side effects such as vomiting and light-headedness. Most other oxygen-breathing races cannot survive when exposed to the atmosphere of Parriphenos, due to the high percentage of the compound hydrogen cyanide (a substance harmless to Dejennans; both the Hexarians and the Kvorn).

Parriphenos is site of the headquarters for the Hexarian Echelon, Echelon Base. The base houses the administrative core of the Echelon, as well as numerous training facilities. Recruits are subjected to the harsh environment of the moon as part of their preparation for surface operations and to toughen their physique.

The moon rotates at a rate roughly three times that of Hexar, leading to very short "lunar days" for those stationed on the surface.