Photon reversal is an odd property of subatomic particles discovered by the Kelosians. They found that two pairs of photons can be linked to each other in such a way that the difference between the protons of one pair can be controlled from the other pair. A photon communicator harnesses this by trapping one pair of photons within a magnetic field and measuring the two photons repeatedly. To send a message, the communicator breaks off measuring the photons and forces an interaction that causes the two photons to have either the same state or different states, depending on the type of message being sent. This interaction is much stronger than the influence of measurement, so the other party will sometimes recognize a message.

To make this form a communication more reliable, modern photon communicators may contain as many as forty thousand photons, allowing two-way communication and clearly separating signal from noise. Also, the more advances photon communicators can be reliably linked to as many as five other photon communicators, creating a massive network of faster-than-light communication known as TerraNet.

The Antheonic Connection[]

From the mind of Negatron

This little-understood effect is the result of a more complex system understood only by the Antheons. Before the Helics created their calendar, the Antheons seeded space with a vast number of tiny wormholes, allowing extremely rapid modification of space by any Antheon. This system is flawed in that it does not directly rely on the Antheons. Instead, it is activated by techniques that come naturally to the Antheonic brain - and have recently come more unnaturally to Kelosian machinery.