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Flag of Polythmni

The flag of Polythmni.

Polythmni is the mainworld of the Polythmni System. It is a member world of the Independent Coalition of Systems, a relatively major one. It lies in Terpsichore Sector.

Polythmni is divided into 21 nations, spread over several continents. By far the largest is the Empire of Polythmni, which covers almost an entire continent. The rest of the nations are known collectively as the Satellite Nations of Polythmni. All other inhabited bodies in the Polythmni System are governed by the Empire of Polythmni, with the exception of Polythmni's moon, Alegginos, which is sometimes included as a twentyfirst Satellite Nation.

The planet notably resisted occupation by Terpsichore, but, despite that, approx. 20% of the population follows the Church of Terpsichore.

The flag of Polythmni has a blue background. In the centre is a large star, surrounding by a circle of twenty considerably smaller stars. All stars are five-pointed, and golden-coloured. Each star represents one of the nations, with the large star representing the Empire.