The President of the Independent Coalition of Systems is the head of the Senate. The president watches over the proceedings of the Senate. The president has relatively little power, as the senate places, and can remove the president from office.

Election & Term of the President[]

The president is elected by the Senate. Candidates are nominated by the Senate, and must receive one hundred endorsements from members of the Senate, excluding those from the same sector/planet as the candidate. From this point a series of elections are held in each sector; after each election, one candidate will be eliminated until only two candidates remain. The Senate then votes on these two candidates, and the winner is sworn into office the first month of the following year. This process is altered slightly for reelecting a president. In the case of a reelection campaign, the Senate will conduct a comprehensive vote to decide if the current president should be reelected. Should the current president win, their term in office will continue unhindered, however, should they lose the reelection process, the normal election process begins with only new candidates.The term for a president is currently four years, increased from two years during the Third Galactic War. The president may also be removed at any time by a majority vote of the Senate. After the vote, the current president is removed immediately, and the vice president assumes control, until a new president can be elected. In this case the Senate provides the candidate and votes on the president; the public has no say in the decision.

Powers of the President[]

The president has very few powers. The president may veto any bill passed by the president (which may be overturned by a vote of 3/4 of the Senate). The president may also declare war and raise an army. All other powers must be approved by the Senate.