Qua gem

Qua mineral with granite

Qua (kwah) is gem-quality Quaseous mineral, found exclusively on the planet Xodus. Quaseous mineral is a silicate mineral, meaning that it contains silicate and oxygen and follows a similar structure as other silicate minerals. Qua is one of the few gemstones that appears in only one color- a vibrant magenta mineral that is often found in the company of granite. 

Quaeous mineral is often found in lavas and xenoliths carried by lava, but rarely ever is gem-quality qua found. Sometimes, but very rarely, qua can be found on meteorites. This is the only other way qua has been found thus far, making the qua found on Xodus very valuable once refined.

Qua is found on Xodus in the regions of Legon, Ralda, Upper Glarmion, Iruladdun and most notable Cawanor. Qua has also been collected from iron-based and stony meteorites, most notably of pallasite structure. 

Notably, qua is often mistaken for the similarly appearing Eudialyte, which appears almost identical to quaeous  mineral infused with a chystalline variation of granite (also found on Xodus). There is quite the scam market opened up, as even professional and studied gem identifiers have a hard time differentiating between the quaeseous mineral and Eudialyte.