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The Quord Belt is composed of millions of social creatures (henceforth called the Quord Objects) that are identical to asteroids in appearance, but exhibit strange tendencies that deviate strongly from a normal orbit. The Quord Objects have but one purpose in life: to point as long as possible at something that they are not bored with. The Quord Objects' idea of boredom is very simple and mechanical: if they have pointed at something for 12.8 GY, it is boring. Once an object becomes boring, they quickly confer among themselves and choose another object to point at, then rotate their orbits to point at it. This process takes almost exactly 0.4 GY every time. The Quord Belt chooses what to point at using vision, which is provided by their slightly reactive surfaces.


The Quord Objects maintain their teardrop formation using magnetism, supported by a highly efficient conversion between chemical and electrical energy. The core of each Quord Object is a superconductor, allowing them to store electrical energy during the long trip around Quord. As needed, they supplement their energy reserves with light from Quord, and store excess energy in the form of a larger orbit. The rise to the point of the teardrop and the drop to normal orbit are perfectly balanced, allowing the Quord Objects to share energy among themselves rather than working up enough charge to make the jump alone.