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Common Attribution: Ralarian

Categorical Attribution: Ralaris tarinea

Evolutionary Star System: Ralaris System

Star Systems of Prominence:

Population Data: 14 billion

Largest Civilisation: Ralarian Cartel

Civilization class: Type B: Interstellar Society


Ralarians are bipedal creatures with round, green heads and thick rubbery skin. They are not very hygiene-conscious, but have a persisting sense of politeness when dealing with other races. They insist on doing things in an orthodox fashion, right down to stealing. Normally at a very neutral standing, they are mostly engaged in piracy against other races, due to their ancient tradition as thieves. They are the scavengers of the sector, and dignify their actions with a Code of Piracy; a set of rules that determine if a stolen good is ‘legitimate’.


Ralarians are stocky and muscular, but move with surprising speed. They stand an average of 8 MDU high and have an excellent sense of smell and taste. Their hearing is fairly poor; indeed ancient Ralarian society used smells to communicate far more than spoken language.

Ralarians are ectothermic and have a hemoglobin based circulatory system, with deep orange blood. Because their body's energy is dependent on temperature, many aliens find inhabiting Ralarian ships uncomfortable as they cycle between artificial days and nights to keep healthy. The specific environmental needs also make Ralarians very dependent on accommodation with good temperature control. The advantage however, is that they can survive for much longer than their contemporaries without food (as much as six months) and only need to breathe roughly once a minute.


The Ralarian psyche has fascinated those that study it, with its obsessive-compulsive behaviours demanding the utmost orthodoxy and "correctness", yet with a pervasive cleptomania and disregard for the concept of ownership.

Ralarians have a certain capacity for some extrasense abilities. Although it has never been proved that they can engage in telekinesis or mental transmissions, they have been known to exhibit a slight "sixth sense" in judging safety or honesty. It isn't clear however if this is just a side-effect of their lifelong dedication to the skills of piracy.