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The Reduced Hollowstar Coordinates are a system of measurement formed after the destruction of Hollowstar proper as a simplified version of Hollowstar Universal Coordinates. They include units drawn from other civilizations, along with scaled versions of some of the units of Hollowstar Universal Coordinates.

Base Units[]


Copied from the Helis Customary Measurements, the Galactic Year is the basic unit of time for modern-day Hollowstar.

The symbol for Galactic Year is GY.


Copied from the Basilicus Weights and Measures, the MDU is the basic unit of distance for modern-day Hollowstar.

The symbol for minor distance units is MDU, and writing out the entire unit name is considered incorrect.

Earth Conversion[]

  • 1 MDU = 0.16162 meters
  • 1 MDU = 0.00016162 kilometers
  • 1 MDU = 0.00010043 miles
  • 1 MDU = 0.17675 yards
  • 1 MDU = 1.7083E-17 light years

Reverse Earth Conversion[]

  • 1 Meter = 6.1874 MDU
  • 1 Kilometer = 6187.4 MDU
  • 1 Mile = 9957.6 MDU
  • 1 Yard = 5.6577 MDU
  • 1 Light Year = 5.8537E+16 MDU


The Reduced Hollowstar unit of energy is equal to M1*MDU3/GY2. In the manner of the Hollowstar Universal Coordinates, mass and energy are treated as equivalent, and the unit of mass is equal to the mass of one unit of energy.

The symbol for Burst is BX.


The Reduced Hollowstar unit of charge is equal to M1*MDU2/GY*E*1/4.

The symbol for Poison is E+. Poisons may also be expressed as E- instead of putting a negative sign at the start of the number, for example -15E+ = 15E-.


The Reduced Hollowstar unit of temperature is equal to 1 Burst per 1035 molecules.

The symbol for Burit is BU.

Derived Units[]

All derived units are expressed as a product or ratio of base units. One exception is that very high velocities are sometimes expressed in terms of the speed of light, with units 1/4 from Hollowstar Universal Coordinates.