Ryper Jet Bike[]

The Ryper space bike is a small one man fast attack vehicle capable of astonishingly fast speeds. Comprised mainly of an engine and inertial dampeners the ship can hold one rider, leaning forward, with legs slightly behind him and arms outstretched. In order to ride a Ryper space bike one must wear a spacesuit capable of taking arms fire because the shields are not substantial, and weapons on these are typically small or non existent. Every bike include mag-locks that secure the bike to wherever it is parked, or left. Cannot go through rift space unless in a ship, it will kill the rider.


Produced by Loki Assault Company, a Wulfren company based on Kor.


Pirates: A common tactic used by pirates is to fit a Ioku class ship with several of these and use them to board an enemy vessel, due to their small size and speed they are extremely difficult to detect. Commonly armed with blasting charges, and magma torches a Wulfren raider can blast his way in a ship and either disable it or commandeer it completely

Small Transport: Can be used to quickly move around on a planet or in space. The Ryper is not capable of entering or exiting an atmosphere, due to atmospheric temperatures are too significant for the rider to live through.