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Space/Time Wavelength Route Travel (STW)[]

A fairly recent technology developed by the Helics, STW Routes are the most common mode of interstellar travel in the galaxy. In short, STW Routes work by emulating the frequency of Space/Time and increasing the wavelength so that objects affected by the frequency are pushed faster than the rest of the universe.

An STW transmitter and receiver are set up at various points between two locations. They transmit electromagnetic radiation at Space/Time's frequency. Properly equipped vehicles can tune into that frequency when in the transmissions path. Once tuned, the wavelength is altered effectively pushing the route beyond Space/Time. This exponentially decreases the time it takes to cross interstellar distances. Although actual speeds vary depending on the route, STW Routes can take spacecraft 1,000s of times the speed of light.


  • Although it doesn't take very much energy to transmit and receive the STW the gravitational affects of pushing Space/Time can be quite phenomenal. STW Routes must start and end in deep space at least 500 holds from planetary space. They are often placed on the outskirts of star systems.
  • Wavelengths can only be lengthened when all spacecraft are safely on the route.
  • Unless properly equipped, spacecraft not on a route when wavelengths are lengthened can incur severe damage or be destroyed
  • Onboard STW equipment allowing access to STW Routes are very expensive and are often only held by commercial spacelines and military organizations
  • It is generally cost-prohibitive to have STW equipment on small and short range spacecraft
  • Although spacecraft are propelled much faster than the speed of light, it still takes time to go distance. Spacecraft can't go any faster than 12 times the speed of light.
  • Spacecraft are propelled faster than the speed of light and consequently faster than Space/Time itself. This means that there is no way to perceive the universe while traveling. If any conditions changed while in flight it would be unknown. Additionally, one cannot communicate with those outside the spacecraft during travel. The exception is communication can exist between spacecraft on the same STW Route.
  • Due to the immense speeds if a STW Route is not adequately cleared space debris can completely destroy any spacecraft going through.
  • To avoid potential hazards or political boundaries, STW routes often stop at checkpoints before proceeding.
  • If a spacecraft leaves the STW Route during travel it would, in effect, be obliterated.