The system contains seven known planets, of which only one is known to be populated, although it is thought another once had the ability to support life.

The populated planet is Saghagu III, or Beruvia as it is commonly known. The surface of Beruvia is around 69.25% water, the majority of that being salt water oceans. The highest known point on Beruvia is Mount Odaguda, a volcano stretching  over thirty thousand feet above sea level. The lowest point is the Raxolah Canyon, a fifty thousand foot trench under the ocean. The dry-land terrain is mostly green, with wild grasses and forests. The continent of Frekta, however, is around 96% desert.

Around 55% of the four billion population of Beruvia lives on the continent of Eratreia, a contintent rich in fresh water, green pastures and mountains.

The remaining six planets are untouched by the Beruvians. Only two of the planets, named Krekat and Polot by the men who discovered them, have been discovered.


It is unknown exactly how big the system is as no one has yet had chance to investigate. The seven planets orbit a large star named Sadhagu. Between planets five and six, a huge belt of asteroids also orbit the star, with small asteroids occasionally breaking away to hit nearby planets.

The worst of these events occurred on Beruvia around eighty million years ago when a two-mile asteroid struck the continent of Frekta, destroying everything and wiping out 99.9% of the living things on the planet at the time.