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Common Attribution: Salazar

Categorical Attribution: Salzar’Ichtar

Evolutionary Star System:

Population Data: 1 billion

Civilization class: Type D: Terrestrial Society

Star Systems of Prominence[]

  • Laskot System


Salzar’Ichtar is bipedal, carnivorous reptiles that evolved on the planet. Their civilization started roughly 48,000 GST ago. They are an economic minded people and have a long history of trade and turning points in their history is decided by trade embargoes or treaties. They are democratic in nature, but are badly afflicted by powerful mega corporations. However, war is still prominent due to their natural aggression. The major city on their planet is called Draklosd’Ichtar. This is named after the only god of the Salzar’Ichtar known as Draklosd’Ichtar.

Evolutionary Analysis[]

Salzar’Ichtar evolved from a lizard hipped species of reptile. Its eyes are large and heavily armoured. It has feathers on its rump as well as two archaic electrified beams. They have long serrated teeth and have large, thickset jaws. This allows with very little effort, a lot of damage. Also they have tails that curve over their heads and are armed with a special, poisonous spray gland.

Biological Analysis[]

Salzar’Ichtar are bipedal reptiles that are covered in bright scales. They have two arms and two legs with anatomical symmetry throughout their body frame. Six digits on each limb allow for remarkable agility in working with tools. Salzar’Ichtar are carnivorous, cold-blooded, have an endoskeleton and reproduce through sexual reproduction.

Ecological Analysis[]

Salzar’Ichtar evolved in a temperate climate. Laskot is a small Class G star that is young enough to support life in its system. Planet Eshmur underwent a greenhouse effect early in its evolution, producing ripe conditions for life systems. The planet is tilted on its axis so the surface goes under regular climate seasons and weather patterns. Salzar’Ichtar evolved primarily in the temperate regions of Eshmur, migrating to other parts of the planet as their civilization advanced. Salzar’Ichtar is not very adaptable with their climate, but they are able to counteract this with warm clothes and comfortable houses. They are very ecological, recycling everything so as to make the greatest profit. Their species has evolved into various ethnicities that are more conductive to the climates of their respective culture.

Sociological Analysis[]

Salzar’Ichtar is an economical species, who have a love for their planet and its wonders. All powerful centres of Salzar’Ichtar civilization regularly trade, to the point where if you don’t have a job, it is seen as a social stigma. Most of the Salzar’Ichtar population are traders and merchants. However any species that is attempting to short-change them, had better watch out.