Science (Mumbos Geography) is the rating of a character's general knowledge regarding the geography of the worlds in the Mumbos System. This skill is regarded on a scale of 1-10 and any progression bonus beyond 10 has no really in-game merit aside from an extraordinary knowledge of Mumbos Geography. For progression bonuses under 10, the character must roll against a Difficulty Roll when trying to recall subjects related to the geography of Mumbos or recall where and how historical questions can be answered. Failure can only be rechecked at a Game Master's discretion or if the character receives assistance from someone that has an equal or better progression bonus.

  • Core Faculty: Rational Thought (RT)
  • Type: Basic
  • Successes: 1 Success/4 hours of studying
  • Tutoring: 2 hours
  • Schooling: 1 hours
  • Check Against: Difficulty
  • Difficulty Scale: 1-10
  • Modifications: To have successes or progress through tutoring and schooling, the character must be studying geographical materials created by a character that has Science (Mumbos Geography) at +10 or higher.