Seuta World
Founded 134 BKR
Founded By Ami Gra
Began Commerical Operations 134 BKR
Organization Head CEO
Formation -
Notable Members Neight Tri - CEO
Owner Seuta Group
  • DigiWorld
  • Core Holos
Primary Role(s) Provide electronics to the Galaxy
  • Holovids
  • Hovercams
  • Tabs
Average Net Income AL symbol280,000,000
Major Clients Many citizens of the Galaxy

Seuta World is a company that provides electronic products to the people of the Avopei-Larru Galaxy, mostly in the Core Worlds. The company's main location is in Seuta City on Chandriqui. Seuta World products are sold through many electronic stores as well as the company's self branded stores. The company currently manufacteurs the most popular holoscreens in the galaxy as such the company has dominated the holoscreen market over the past several decades.