Shcel is the seventeenth planet from the star Escelia. It is the only natural planet in the Escelia system and has thirty seven moons, only four of which are regular. It is inhabited by the Khanakans who have become

Planet Alaerin by Stock7000

Shcel during a high tide

masters of planet building and Terraforming.


Schel has an axel tilt of 87.9 degrees and has extreme title waves because of being in a system naturally almost entirely asteroid belts. At some points it's surface area is 93% water and at some points it's 4%.


Shcel experiences sever fluctuations in climate so the Land masses and bodes of water only appear in certain seasons

Dyep- (Summer,Winter,Fall,Spring)-Dyep is offen considered to be were the Khanakans first appeared while other say it was Celed. It is mainly forrest and is were the Khanakans first developed wings. The country Lajkh is the most technologically advanced and is on the continent.