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Common Attribution: Shikkar

Categorical Attribution: Shikkari rakra

Evolutionary Star System: Shik'kamora System

Star Systems of Prominence:

  • Shik'kamora System
  • Atu'kabu System
  • Im'takamar System

Population Data: 21 billion

Largest Civilisation: Shikkar Federation

Civilization class: Type B: Interstellar Society


The Shikkar are an enigmatic, distrustful race. They are proud, aggressive and highly territorial. They are also calculating tacticians and will readily take every advantage an opponent grants them.

Standing an impressive 14 MDU tall on average, Shikkar have slender necks and faces; characterised by hostile, angular features and wide but narrow eyes. Their skin is a pale teal and they are typically seen wearing their personal battle armour, a mark of status by which the Shikkar judge each other.

Evolutionary History[]

The Shikkar evolved on Shik'kriss, a planet with fairly low gravity and a thin atmosphere. Despite their natural cunning, strong predators are thought to have driven the race near to extinction during their early development. However, their innovation soon overcame natural obstacles and they swiftly advanced to a Type D society.