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Race: Warped


Cheerful, warm, flirty


Sierra carries with her a regular iron sword as her sole weapon, except for her long fingernails and sharp fangs.


Whenever she approaches in secret, it is said that the scent of spring flowers hangs in the air. Sierra has long blonde hair that rolls gently down to the end of her forearms. She wears a black gown that extends just below the knees, and is very wavy in the slightest breeze. Her eyes are a deep ocean blue, and her skin is lightly tanned. When Sierra gets stressed or upset, she will bite down into her lower lip.


Turned into a Warped two months before her arranged marriage to Shimeran Hlim, Sierra took to the skies to keep from harming the one she loved. Eventually, Shimeran caught up with her, years layer, after she had already lost her mind to the poison. Sierra tried to seduce him, unaware that he was a Warped and immune to her powers. As she leaned in to bite him, Shimeran bit her instead, which somehow brought back her former mind. They were married, and they settled in an unknown region of Rulton.