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Silei Spacevoyages
General Information
Interstellar Launch Code SPV
Founded 2700 AKR
Hubs Galactic Center Spaceport

Cortidal Interstellar Spaceport

Regional Hubs Anglundias Spaceport - Jeji

Egica Spaceport - Crelina

Litharica Spaceport - Jogau

Company Information
Fleet Size 295
Type(s) of Craft DSC-818i
Destinations 250
Parent Company N/A
Headquarters Silei
Key People Suzanne Anastasia - CEO
Average Number of Launches 115,000

The company Silei Spacevoyages provides commercial spaceflights to several systems in the Avopei-Larru Galaxy. Silei Spacevoyages is the second largest spaceline in the galaxy.


The company was founded by Magdalena Aubretia in 2700 AKR. This makes it one of the newest spacelines.