Although living in a semi-anarchic society, with no government and few personal properties, the Skäetr have an strongly enforced system of laws. All Skäetrs are enforcers of this law and have the right to apply the sentence themselves, as long as there is proof of the act or more than three witnesses.

Major guidelines of Skäetr law[]

There are three tiers of law: laws of low severity, laws of high severity and the Prime laws.

Knlujga: Laws of low severity[]

If a Skäetr breaks a law of low severity, the offender loses the right to own properties (Any property already owned are considered non-properties) for thirty galactic days.

Violations of laws of low severity include:

  • Stealing properties
  • Killing Kjarks for any use other than obtaining food
  • Destroying non-properties
  • Impeding someone of using non properties currently in disuse

Wedjga: Laws of high severity[]

The penalty for breaking a law of high severity is death.

Violations of laws of high severity include:

  • Killing another Skäetr for any reason other than delivering a sentence
  • Destroying property
  • Being a member of the Wlg

Ptoljga: The "Prime Laws"[]

A Skäetr who breaks one of the "Prime Laws" is sentenced to the "Tdebpun": seven days of physical and psychological torture before a final excruciatingly painful death, that is, death by a flurry of telepathic blasts. The prospect of undergoing the "Seven Days" is so terrifying that they have been broken only three times in documented Skäetr history.

Violations of prime laws include:

  • Killing another Skäetr for any reason other than delivering a sentence and then claiming the victim has broken a high severity law without proof or three witnesses
  • Attempting to force or bribe a person to be a witness against another
  • Killing another for breaking a low severity law
  • Attempting to prevent a sentence from being carried out after sufficient proof or three witnesses are obtained