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Skyler Zi
Personal Information
Age 18
Place of Birth Castenona, Crelina
Height 1.83
Weight 78.0 Pr
Team Information
Current Team Crelina Kickers
Number 21
Matches 32
Goals 12
Youth League
University Team N/A
Ioroball Youth Cup Crelina Youth Kickers
Premier League
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Years 2751 -
ICS Ioroball Cup Appearances
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Avopei-Larru Champion Cup Appearances
Years 2752

Skyler Zi is the goal keeper on the Crelina planetary Ioroball team, which is the top ranked team in Ioroball. Zi is the youngest player on the team and was recruited last season from the Crelina Youth Kickers like his best friend, Nate Leav who was recruited the year before. Zi is a promising player who is expected to be chosen to play during the 2752 Avopei-Larru Champion Cup. While he is officially the goal keeper, Zi is often sent in to play during offensive runs during certain parts of matches.