1: The Magika Winds


The only non-industrial place of Sinicka, never touched.


The flag of Sinicka, the second planet in the Solaluciak galaxy, revolving a small dwarf star known as Ishikna, the cold light.

"Sir, we have done it!" The assiatant of the high lord of Sinicka, burst into the room, getting angry and worried looks from the ministers in the room. Jakuro, the assitant, only realized his mistake a deadly second after he had made it.

The high lord stood, his face tremoundsly angry, "What is it Jakuro?! What is so important that you must disturb a meeting of the council of Sinicka?!" The high lord was a harsh man, and scared poor Jakuro silly. High Lord Shikra, meaning the Lord of All, scared anyone who he came into contact with. He had always been a rather angry and well hated man, yet, some how he had been picked as the High Lord. Well, not picked, he killed the first High Lord of Sinicka, Mikiso, which meant the Sweet Lord. And, as the rules of Sinicka, made by Mikiso, said, "Whoever, if, and ever, defeats the High Lord, they themselves will be made High Lord. Beating the High Lord means that said person has the capability of being a strong leader. Unless, said High Lord is defeated, they will stay as High Lord." Sinickians had the power of immortality, and unless killed, were capable of living forever.

Jakuro was trembling, a scared look on his tanned face. Jakuro was a handsome male, tall and lean, with well built muscles, yet he was weak whenever in the presence of High Lord Shikra. Jakuro had dark brown hair, and a tanned complexion. He was very sweet, and had never agreed with High Lord Shikra's plans for Sinicka, but had never admitted it. He had not wanted to tell High Lord Shikra the news that Shikra would've enjoyed, yet he knew very well that his friends that worked in the industry along side High Lord Shikra would not have wanted to intrupt him in one of his meetings, yet Jakuro had to swallow his fear and do what his other friends were to scared to do, "High Lord Shikra," Jakuro stood straighter, still trembling, and bowed at Shikra, "You have won the war in Mokvira, the people of the planet are now under your rule. You can do with them what you'd like."

The face of High Lord Shikra made Jakuro wince, the face was pleasent enough. He had pale skin, with scars from his fight with Mikiso, he had won but it had no been an easy win, and his eyes were Proician, though, Shikra was not Proician, on the contrary, he was Cancian. His hair was a dark red color, nothing like a Cancian, you see, his mother was Cancian, and his father was Shinican. He had a long white scar on his right eye. But, the look on Shikra's face was what made Jakuro wince, it was a look so pleased, so... evil and devious. Jakuro could only help but wonder what High Lord Shikra was thinking. "Excellent." He said, the devious grin growing.

"What planet is next, High Lord Shikra?" Jakuro asked, though, he was afraid to find out. Jakuro was not one that liked hurting others, and hurting the icy planet Mokvira was a horrible feat, which he wished he had not made. Jakuro meant the Kind and Brave. Jakuro was both, he felt terrible whenever asked to hurt others, and he didn't like it one bit.

High Lord Shikra looked at the council which had stayed quiet through their conversation, a harsh and devious smile on his face, "Listen to him, he asks which planet is next!" High Lord Shikra turned back around to face Jakuro, an angry look on his face, his robe flying behind him, "We will take down the poorest planet, Sakusmi. We WILL take them down. If the soldiers do not have Sakusmi surrender, I will have you and everyone else in the force sent out to capture the beautiful Princess. Actually! Get me the Princess, she will be my bride. Either that, or I will have the head of her people!"

Jakuro was trembling, but he straightened a little, and looked up at the High Lord questionably, "Who will capture the beautiful Princess, High Lord Shikra?" Jakuro knew very much about the Princess of Sakusmi, she was the most beautiful creature in Solaluciak, in all of Solaluciak. He had seen pictures of her, her beauty was truly something, but no one ever said her name, no one knew her real name. They knew her by appearence, that was true, but she went by many names, all ugly names when their meanings where found out. He had always addressed her as the beautiful Princess. High Lord Shikra had no knowledge of her real name, but he had knowledge of her amazing beauty.

High Lord Shikra slapped Jakuro across the face and said, with a loud voice, "I want YOU to bring her to me! YOU alone! I don't want anyone to know about it, I want you to go alone! Pack, and I'll reserve you a house in their best hotel. You will act like a civilian, and a high school student, when you find the Princess, be friend her. Make sure she trusts you enough to tell you her REAL name, then tell her you want to give her a better life, a life in Sinicka. Tell her you are well trusted, a soldier of the older High Leader Mikiso. Make sure she trusts you enough to come with you. I will be calling to check up on your progress."

Jakuro felt his cheek, nodded, and ran back to his room. The room wasn't much, just a dark red bed on the right wall, a dim red light on the far side of the room, near the bed, and a cozy loft chair in a dark red color next to the light. A large dresser with a mirror atop it, and on the dresser were files from High Lord Shikra, and pictures of planets, other things too, like lists of names, and lists of warriors, stuff Jakuro was in charge of. He packed quickly into a red suitcase and off he went in the spaceship toward Sakusmi.


Saki, meaning the blooming flower of hope, love, and beauty, was taking a bath in a spring outside of her home. Whenever she had gotten angry, flustered, or tired of her life she would take a bath in the spring far out in the woods, near her home. The spring was very peaceful, and lighted a deep blue color whenever she was there, yet, whenever she wasn't it was a dark red color, almost as if the spring was mad. Saki always knew very well that spring helped her feel better. Saki had a troubled life, living in Sakusmi was not easy, her family was the richest and they lived the best, but she was also the most uncertain citizen of Sakusmi, and to tell you the truth, there is only one country in Sakusmi, so Saki had already seen everyone, met everyone, and talked to everyone. Saki didn't really enjoy rudeness, so in Sakusmi, which was the nicest planet of the Solaluciak galaxy, Saki hardly had to think about rudeness.

She was in the cold water of the spring and the cool night air of the woods ran softly through her sunray blonde hair. Her beautiful eyes were on the water of the spring which reflected her beautiful face. People had called her perfection, and the beautiful Princess, but she knew very well that she wasn't named Perfection or even the beautiful Princess, her name was Saki Mikorman. Saki got up, brushing her blonde hair back, and the cool air stung her, only now did she realize how cold it was. She shivered and reached for a large blue leaf from the Siniorika tree, she dried herself off using the leaf and slipped into her night gown which she had set respectfully on a large Sakusmi rock beside the spring. The night gown was beautiful, knee length silk in deep blue, it was sleeveless, and made her seem younger some how.


Sakusmi, Solaluciak.

She didn't really pay much attention to it, she couldn't help but wonder if everyone saw her like that, like a little kid. She was sixteen, and no one took her seriously, all they saw was a beautiful girl that would end their depression, but honestly, how could one sixteen year old girl do that?She always told people that her name was something like Migi, the bloody girl, Samigee, the scary dream, Ichinee, the beautiful killer, or even Akimsa, the stranger. No one but her parents knew her real name, and she had always kept it that way. Saki didn't have many friends, she had people that admired her, plenty of those, but she had no people that SHE considered a friend. She always knew that people wanted her to end the war, the war caused by High Lord Shikra, but she didn't really care for war. If she tried to end the war, she would than in term be FIGHTING, a thing Saki could not bring herself to do. Saki sat on the rock which had once had her night gown on it, Saki tilted her head back, looking up at the sky. Two moons were out, which was un-usual, the only two moons she could see were the fiery red Somnica and the dark purple Jakeni. Usually, on a kind night when all three moons would be seen, Saki would've been able to see the icy blue moon known as Magika. Saki liked the color blue, but she liked the darker, more icy blue color. Her eyes were not her favorite color (as it was for everyone, their favorite color was their eye color, so if someone liked the marvelous purple, there eyes would be purple, didn't really matter whether light or dark, didn't change much) but that's what made Saki different from everyone on Sakusmi. Her eyes were light blue around the pupils, and illuminated in light green around the light blue areas, and, outlining the green parts is a thinner light brown area. The colors of the eyes were swirled around in the form of a siik, and when she was angry they swirled around fast, spinning and spinning. That was why she always hid when she was angry.

Saki looked up at the dark sky, wondering, Should I go back now? or Where's the other moon? It was here last night, and it's always out on this day every year, could it mean...? Saki blinked, looked straight ahead of her, and stood up in a flash. She had heard the leaves russle behind her, and she knew, now, that someone had been watching her. Watching her bathe! The thing was, the spring was also a water resivoir, and her family dranked the water from it, her parents and many other parents had put signs of no bathing there, no one was allowed to be in the water, or be near it unless they were getting water. But, over all that, they were not allowed to bathe there! Saki, through a broken voice, called out, "Who's there?" And the wind answered her, "The man, he comes. He's bad. Don't trust him, Princess Saki! He's from Sinicka, the planet of the evil. Saki, don't tell him your real name, he wishes only to hurt you!" Saki breathed heavily, the wind was like that, looking out for the people of Sakusmi. Sakusmi was the only really clean, and healthy, planet left in the Solaluciak galaxy, and the wind spirits, beautiful creatures born on the icy blue moon Magika, were the happiest here. But, the wind spirits weren't named the wind spirits, they were named the Magika Winds. The Magika Winds knew everything, from the deaths and lives of people that never existed or, at least not in Solaluciak, and the Magika Winds knew of something that everyone was thinking was not true, but that didn't matter. The Magika Winds had always told Saki things, and they were never wrong. Along with the Jakeni Lovers, the Magika Winds had told Saki many things, things Saki would always avoid doing so she wouldn't get hurt. Saki always trusted them, she knew they couldn't lie, and that they only wanted the best for her, but who was from Sinicka? Who was bad? The Magika Winds were almost always more... descriptive. Yet, now they were just plain... didn't explain who it was, which only made Saki confused. Saki swallowed hard and called out again, "Magika Winds, who is he?"

The Winds silenced, leaving Saki alone in the darkness of the moon, her figure being out lined by the red and purple moons behind her. Saki's hair was blowing in the wind, and she could feel the silent Shikora's paws running along the spring. Saki looked around, and decided to go back home. Saki walked through the woods, out from the spring, parting Siniorika trees, and finally making it to her home. She was standing in the field outside her house, and from their she could see her siki open, she had left it open when she had snuck out, she always did that. She looked around to see if her parents were still up, and the lights to their room were off, the light of Saki's ishinaka, Simiki, was also off. Saki looked back up at her siki and was surprised to see that the lights to her room were on. She cursed herself, and ran to her siki. The problem? Her siki was on the second floor. Saki tried climbing it, and when she couldn't she went over to the isiki and twisted her nail into the lock, the door opened, making a creaking sound, and Saki slipped through the small opening. When she turned back around, which would've made her face the nada, Simiki was standing there. She had her arms crossed and was staring at Saki, a mad look on her face, she pointed at Saki, "Where have you been all night, Saki?!" Simiki whispered.

Saki looked at her, making a pleading gesture, "Please don't tell ikima and ikipa." Saki whispered.

Simiki shook her head, "I've been covering for you sense you left! I'm sick of having to cover for you. Do you really get that angry?! I mean, at least tell me where you're going before you go. You're my minika, but it's almost like I'm more responsible. Can't you at least try to come back earlier, so no one notices? Have you even eaten yet? You must be starved!" Simika hardly looked anything like Saki. Her hair was jetray black, and her eyes were dark purple, it being her favorite color. Simika was Saki's ishinaka, but Simika was also a Magikan. Simika was a Magika Wind, and very proud of it too. Like her ikima (Queen Sophica, who was also a Magika Wind) Simika wanted to marry a Sakusmian. Simika loved Saki and cared for her very much, but being a Magika Wind was also very important to her. She tried not to admit that she cared about being a Magika Wind, though Saki knew she did, but Simika was very smart and would punish Saki for being irrevlently rude. You see, Simika is one of the RARE passionate Magika Winds, who cares about everyone but expresses it in their own way.

Saki nodded, though, she knew that the Magika Winds must've already told her, and that Simika was just acting stupid for a change. Simika did that a lot to Saki. Simika means strength, honor, and prosperity. Saki looked at her sister. Simika's black hair was straightened and she wore a night gown much like Saki's, except her's was in fuschia. Saki looked over at Simika, and bowed, "High Lord Simika," Saki started, trying to stop from laughing, "I apologize dearly. I did not mean to come home late. It won't happen again, my Lord."

Simika cracked a smile and Saki stretched her arms out, "Hug?" Saki asked, laughing.

Simika shook her head, but Saki forced a hug on her, they were giggling, and that was the thing about being sisters. They loved each other dearly and protected each other no matter what. "Let's go to bed." Simika whispered. Simika and Saki walked up the stairs and Simika entered her room, and Saki kept walking until she maded to the final isiki in the hall. She walked into her room, the isiki was wide open revealing her blue room lighted by the blue lights. Saki didn't have much time to take in the view of her room, she flipped off the blue light, and walked to her bed, and covered herself in the blanket. She tried to sleep, but she couldn't, so she did what was expected of her, she went to the siki. She sat on the ridge of the siki and looked out to the woods. In the sky, above the woods, a strange red light flashed by fast across the sky. Saki was surprised, and she looked around to make sure it hadn't woken up her sister or her parents. She got up from the siki and walked over to a whole in her wall, it looked into her sisters room. Her sister was sleeping in her bed, her snoring rather loud. Saki giggled a little, then turned serious again. The whole was small, but big enough to see Simika's room.

Saki went back to the siki and looked around one more time, then jumped out. It was always easier to jump out of the siki than to climb up to the siki. Saki ran to where she had seen the light, and she could see the crater from where she was standing. There was a large gape in the woods and in that gap, was a pit. The pit was very large and she could clearly see someone (or something, recall that she does not know what it is yet) move. Saki inched closer, step at a time, until she was at the large crater/pit. She looked down into the crater and something moved...


Jakuro was have major pains when his spaceship crashed. I mean, who wouldn't? Jakuro felt his head (to make sure it wasn't broken) and was surprised to feel nothing (nothing bad). So, he staggered to get up. Trying to hold on to something, only realizing to late that there was nothing. But a warm blue light started glowing in front of his eyes, and as his eyes focused he saw the beautiful face of a girl, her hand outstretched to reach him. Her hair was like the rays of the sun, golden. And her eyes were a beautiful mix and swirl of colors. Light blue around the pupil, and illuminated in light green around the light blue areas, and, outlining the green parts was a thinner light brown area. She wore an icy blue silk night gown, and he stared at her with wide eyes. She was so beautiful, her hair flowing in the wind, her eyes on him. He couldn't stop wondering how she could be that beautiful. She had the kind expression on her face, an expression that Jakuro never knew existed in beautiful girls (because on Sinicka the girls were beautiful, not like her, but were all mean and never cared about anyone). The girl smiled when she saw Jakuro take her hand, the girl pulled him up, out of the crater. Jakuro was coughing, and the girl had her hand on his back, helping him settle down. "Are you alright?" Her voice was so caring and thoughtful, she looked like she honestly cared.

Jakuro coughed, "I'm fine." He looked at the girl, "My name's Jakuro, what's your's?" Jakuro was honestly wondering what her name was, whether it was her real name or if it was her fake name, and, sense that was the beautiful Princess, he knew she wouldn't tell him her real name.

The beautiful Princess smiled, "Nice to meet you, Jakuro," She said, "My name's Akimsa." Her deep siik eyes were staring at him. He couldn't help but feel weak in the prescene of her eyes.

He smiled, "Akimsa," He paused trying to recall what it meant, "The stranger, the most feared, the one that watches from the shadows." He looked at her, "That name doesn't fit you."

She shrugged, "On the contrary," Akimsa said, "It fits me well."

"It also stands for the liar, the deciever." Jakuro was looking at her, a patient expression. He knew she wouldn't tell him, he didn't really care, but he still said it. Jakuro could tell Akimsa was surprised. He had taken the girl by surprise. That's when the winds started spinning, faster and faster around Jakuro and Akimsa. Akimsa was surprised, and stood, she helped Jakuro stand, his leg was limp, and Akimsa tried to help, "It's a siik!" Jakuro said.

Akimsa realized that, she was coughing, as well as Jakuro but she was helping Jakuro up, and hardly paid any attention to her own health. "Jakuro," Akimsa looked over at Jakuro, and Jakuro looked over at her, "It's a galactic siik!"


A galactic siik, Solaluciak.

The wind grew stronger, and stronger, and stronger. Akimsa's eyes were swirling around wildly, like a siik, Akimsa grabbed Jakuro's hand and started running toward a house that Jakuro had seen when he landed. They made it to the isiki, and Jakuro's eyes closed, he dozed off, and he could hear the powerful winds hitting the isiki, and than the isiki shut.

2: The Lost Field

Saki sat above Jakuro, he had passed out when Saki had brought him into the house. Saki was with her ikima, ikipa, and her ishinaka. Saki had woken them up, shouting and yelling for help from them, and when Jakuro had passed out everyone had woken up. Her ikima had closed the isiki, along with her ikipa who had blocked it with a wardrobe. Queen Sophica was now looking down at Jakuro, beside Saki. Sophica turned into her normal Magika form, and spun around Jakuro, and sat back down beside her daughter (still in her Magika form) and touched Jakuro's chest. Saki knew exactly what Sophica was doing, she didn't exactly care much for it, though she was intrested though in who Jakuro was.

"Ah," Sophica said, "He has a pulse. He's quite fine." Sophica looked over at her daughter, "I don't understand what you were doing out-" Jakuro flashed up, opening his eyes, surprising Saki and Sophica. He was coughing again, but this time harder, rougher, and all together stiffer. It was hard to tell why he was coughing. "Simika get him some water!" Sophica shouted.

King Oko was staring at Jakuro, "What's wrong with him, Sophica?" Jakuro seemed alright, aside from the coughing he had no bruises or was harmed anywhere. Oko was wondering what his eldest had been doing outside, Saki could tell. Saki did not want to admit to them anything, she couldn't admit anything. She knew they would suspect her of doing something odd. And she did not want to get in trouble for bathing in the spring.

Sophica rubbed Jakuro's back, and helped him drink the water that Simika brought him. Jakuro finally settled, and he smiled, "I didn't know I was going to meet the family so early on..." He looked over at Saki, his eyes glimmering. Saki's heart sped...

"What do you mean by that?!" Saki yelled, realizing what he had said. She was embarrassed because of what he had said, yet also a bit happy by what he had said. She was blushing, and flipped her long hair in her face, and when that didn't work she covered her face with her hands.

"Why are you so pink, Sa-" Sophica was stopped by Simika, who, through a lot of work, had figured out the name that her sister had told Jakuro, "Akimsa. Why are you so pink Akimsa?" Simika asked, stopping her ikima.

Saki bent down, and covered her face in her knees. Jakuro went over to her, sliding beside her, he pat her head, and spoke, "It's alright Akimsa. You shouldn't have gone out to help me when that siik happened."

"Wait," Oko said, "You know each other?"

"Uh-" Jakuro cut Saki off, "We go to school together. Akimsa heard me screaming and decided to help me."

Sophica looked at him, "Why were you here? Do you have an ikima? Or an ikipa?"

Jakuro looked down, "Neither. My ikima is enslaved by High Lord Shikra. My ikipa was killed by High Lord Shikra." Jakuro looked sad, but in such a way that it surprised Saki. Saki had never known true sadness as having her parents killed. She was, no, she felt true sadness hearing that. All her problems seemed to fade away, and all his problems seemed to move in.

"Oh..." Sophica whispered, "You can stay here, dear boy." Sophica meant it, and Saki couldn't help but wonder if her ikima was crazy... or crazy. Either way she would've been crazy.