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Sophia Retra Hayes
Biographical Information
Birth 2715 AKR
Death {{{Death}}}
Home Jeji
Physical Information
Species Aedatani
Gender Female
Height 2.43 Ki
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Icy Sapphire
Political Information

Sophia Retra Hayes was at various points in her life, a governor, a senator, and the wife of Brayden Hayes. She was of the very wealthy and influential Retra family, which has an ancient connection to the Shirer Region of Jeji. During the Third Galactic War, she became the newly rechristened Senator of the Jeji Sector.

Early Life[]

Sophia was born on the planet Jeji in the year 2715. Her family was extremely wealthy and influential in the regional government. They were also known as a rather not-so upstanding family. Sophia greatly disliked this and tried as much as she could to avoid it.

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