Summerwood is a city in the southeast of the Kingdom of Eris on the Planet of Ryos.

Summerwood is the seat of House Cartus and the capital of the Province of the Summerlands. It is the third largest city in Eris and one of the most ancient, the ancestral seat of the Lordship of Sea and Summer.

Situated along the banks of the Life of the East, the largest river in Eris, Summerwood enjoys a sunny climate. Though poverty exists in the city, it is a major manufacturing and cloth weaving city, as well as a major trading stop along the river's trade route. The fertile lands to the northwest and southwest provide the city with food and the river is also heavily fished. The woods due west of the city are privately owned by the Lord Cartus, but some amount of wood from them is sold in Summerwood. The cities major fuel supplier is the Forest of Taeranyus to the northwest.

Summerwood has seen much fighting throughout the years and it's high and thick stone walls are a legacy of this. The Summer Castle sits high above the city, itself a formidable stronghold.

Notable buildings in the city include the prestigious College of Summerwood and the palatial and uniquely shaped dome of the headquarters of the rich Weavers Guild. The Temple at Summerwood is a small affair, historically the sumrish have not been particularly pious, but many small chapels are dotted throughout the city. The Fountain of Victory at Keolin Square is a spectacular white marble monument to the gods.