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The Supalantinumes are a tribe in the Southern Tribelands of Arnasia in Authlanis. These people have a social superiority complex. Their territory is the largest of all the tribes and they have trade networks with the east coast, the Sonponosota Plains and Wispy Woods. Although they are relatively peaceful, they try to intimidate the other tribes with their technologies and crafts they have received from extensive trade.

Their religious practices are well organized and not tribal in many ways. They attend meetings and hear elders speak of Arnasia, but not much worship is actually involved.

In times of external crises, the Supalantinumes are the first to try to rally other tribes together in the region's defense, but it was usually their fault that there was an external conflict in the first place.

The Supalantinumes practice agriculture, hunting, and gathering, but most of their livelihood comes from trade. They have built powerful structures made from stones from as far away as the Mountains of Confrontation. They live an embellished lifestyle, which makes them enemies of most tribes.