Biographical Information
Birth 328 AR
Death Alive (Aged 43)
Home HexarFlag Hexar
Physical Information
Species Hexarian
Gender Female
Height 9.85 MDU
Hair Color Violet
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation HexarFlag Hexar


T'rim-Susat-Kalsar (born Rimiko) is the current President of the Hexarian Star Republic. She has held the office for two consecutive terms; since 355 AR; and will do so until at least 375 AR.

As stated by her National Name, she was born in Kalsar Province on Hexar. T'rim assumed her prefixed name-form at the age of 3. Descended from the prestigious Susat family, T'rim was an introverted child. A sensei of her Ahyandep once quipped that she "out-thought the very stars". She developed a keen interest in politics and first attained notability as interplanetary representative of Karrak within the United Assembly.

She has a cautious and calculating approach to her leadership that is highly methodical. Her two terms have been widely regarded as successful within the HSR, although her policies toward other empires have sometimes been criticised for lacking in characteristic Hexarian empathy.