Tarcia is one of Crystaldeep's 6 continents, home to city-states and tribes in the densely populated forests of the continent. Tarcia is separated from Fresca by a tiny peninsula known as the Tarfres Central Peninsula, and then separated from Haro and Tarro by sea. The shortest distance between North Astion is only 45.8 SDU, separated by a body of water known as North Arstref Ocean.


Densely populated with forests and lakes, the continent looks like a mystical place from other planets. There are hardly any higher grounds on the continent, neither are there any rivers that flow through. Nobody knows how the lakes came about.


Tarcia is also well known for its unexpected terrible droughts and stormy monsoons throughout the year, claiming many lives every year. Up to 10,000 people die because of the climate every year.


Only the country of Triforite exists with the technology to live in such conditions. The neighbouring tribes are not hostile, as they had to depend on each other to survive.