The Telian Space Protectorate is the military branch of the Telian planetary government that is tasked with the protection of Telios Prime against forces from without and within. A secondary mandate of the Protectorate, as it is often referred to, is to establish peaceful contact with other space fairing civilizations on behalf of the Telian civilization. Created more than 124 years ago from what remained of the Telian Space Fleet, the TSP has grown proportionately with the Telian desire to expand to other planets within their system, and discover what lies beyond the confines of the Shiss System.

The TSP currently stands at a little over 1.3 million members, on assignments in various vessels and several facilities operated by the Protectorate. The fleet currently operates 322 vessels in 12 different classes and has several ships in construction in orbit and maintains three orbital stations, around each colonized word of the Telian Federation as well as several manned outposts within the Shiss Sector. The Kinith-at Orbital Shipyard facility is also partially operated and fully maintained by the TSP.

Officer Rank Structure[]

Here is a listing of TSP Officer rank structure, including Flag Officers:

Flag Officers[]

Commissioned Officers

Enlisted Rank Structure[]

Here is a listing of TSP Enlisted Personal rank structure:

Enlisted Personel[]

  • Vin’Teliati (Master Chief Petty Officer)
  • Vin’Alett (Senior Chief Petty Officer)
  • Vin’Taanalett (Chief Petty Officer)
  • Vin’Taanat (Petty Officer First Class)
  • Vin’Taanal (Petty Officer Second Class)
  • Vin’Taana (Petty Officer Third Class)
  • Vin’larri (Crewman)